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  1. Advertisements on Vehicle's

    great idea in general the idea of advertisement is amazing (i dont say we are childish but i wonder how many company logos will be dongs... ) i think that you could easily strap a banner on busses and cabs but how will we do it? is it that you pay the guy who drives the cab/bus (if we assume he is the boss) to go to the auto shop and fit the logos or will it be you pay an advertisement company and check some boxes of what you want? (like if you want busstops, billboards, public transport or something else and it will be auto assigned) i suspect its up for the individual case but how would you see it?
  2. Real cash economy

    You bring back fond memories of being an admin in DarkRP
  3. Real cash economy

    As the FAQ (or extended) said there will be micro transaction but they will be cosmetic Which means the squaker that stole moms creditcard will only be able to buy the backer speed demon pack and run you over with a luxury car (or what ever other perk tier with a car but since you said ferrari i said luxury car)
  4. Real cash economy

    eeerh... you mean premium currency? i would say thats an awfull idea EDIT: It will appear there is a "premium shop of sort but its only cosmetics nothing further elaborating as far as i can tell"