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  1. Roman Catholic Party

    The Church and state will not be directly connected under the RCP
  2. Symbol of Parties

    The Roman Catholic Party
  3. November Poll (Redo)

    what is your point? We have different opinions on a topic.
  4. November Poll (Redo)

    As of now the Roman Catholic Party does not support Gay Marriage. Once again if you would have read my policies gay relationships and other organizations are not illegal.
  5. November Poll (Redo)

    Since lying is both a sin and unappealing to the lord I can assure you I am not.
  6. November Poll (Redo)

    I would greatly appreciate it if you would read my parties policies and believes before attempting to slander us. We specifically state that we do not want to do everything Catholic. While many policies are influenced by Catholic doctrine all other religions will be accepted and encouraged to still follow there believes, as it is the Catholic way of life. Also there will be no Church tax.
  7. November Poll (Redo)

    While we do follow Catholic Doctrine we are not a Theocracy. Feel free to check out are policies on the forums.
  8. November Poll (Redo)

    Vote for the Roman Catholic Party. Removing immoral politicians from the top of Politics! .
  9. The Debate

    The Roman Catholic Party will consider joining. It all depends on when we decide who are candidate is.
  10. Updated Polls

    Could the Roman Catholic Party join the polls for the month of November?
  11. Roman Catholic Party

    The Roman Catholic Party Enough with the immoral politicians attempting to be Governor. Announcing the campaign for the Roman Catholic Party in identity. The Roman Catholic Party has yet to choose it's candidate but it will soon be decided. I will be updating this post with our promises and believes as a party. We will generally be following the Catholic doctrine so most of the parties believes are already public. Keep an eye on this post as we post main issues our are believes and announce our candidate. Major Political Issues Gun Control The Roman Catholic Party holds a firm Pro-Gun position. We will have very limited regulations on firearms. We believe in the policy of more guns less crime. Gay Marriage The Roman Catholic Party currently stands against gay marriage. However, any relationship below marriage will be acceptable. As the times change are policy very well might also. Religion Being a Catholic party we will obviously promote Catholicism. All other religions will be accepted and allowed to worship freely within their Churches, Temples, Etc. I am debating on whether fund Catholic churches but at the moment no religion will receive government funding. We will strongly encourage citizens to attend weekly services through radio, TV, and online ads. Terrorism The Roman Catholic Party acknowledges the threat of Islamic Terrorism. We will not be limiting Muslims right to worship but police will be giving extra funding and equipment to deal with the threat. Muslims may be subject to searches if suspected of suspicious activity but will not have there homes searched unless a warrant is present. Taxes We believe very much in lower taxes. It's much more efficient when money is spent by the workers who earn it. An exact amount is yet to be decided. Healthcare The Roman Catholic Party believes healthcare should be proved privately through the free market. Government funded healthcare will only decrease the quality of care people will receive. Economy Limited government regulations on businesses. We believe citizens should be able to start and grow there own business and buy and sell among themselves without the burden of the government regulating them. We will fully support a free market system as it will help economic growth. Abortion We will always be Pro-life. The Roman Catholic Party believes in life at fertilization. There will be no government funded abortions and privately done abortions will be illegal. Immigration The Roman Catholic Part fully supports and encourages immigration. However, all immigrants who arrive illegal will be immediately deported. There will be no exceptions and none will be allowed to stay. Police The Roman Catholic will fully support all law enforcement and provide them with the funding they need to operate. But, any police officer convicted of killing an innocent man/women who caused no immediate danger to them will be immediately fired and face the court to be prosecuted. Death Penalty Similar to abortion we hold a pro-life policy on the Death Penalty. However, anyone who commits a major attack on such as a shooting or bombing will rightfully be met by the electric chair. Please leave comments suggesting any other topics we should post stances for Papacy (Governor) The Roman Catholic Party has yet to decide on a candidate to fully represent us in the first election. They will soon be announced so stay tuned. Please message me on the Discord for an invite to our parties private discord.