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  1. Future Idea for a Mobile App?

    Ah thanks! Do you know where/when they said that and if they said any of the features they were thinking of? I figured it was in concept but I thought it might be fun to see what ideas people might have of what the app could do.
  2. Hi everyone! I was curious on if this has been brought up before, but has there ever been talk of a mobile app for Identity? Kind of like GTA 5's iFruit app that let's you check out stats or manage things on your IRL phone, which might be useful for this game as well. Features that have more immersion (in-game to real life) are really convenient and easily allow a connection into the game while not at home. I would love to hear if this has ever been suggested or might be a later feature after most major projects and problems are taken care of after release. While it's not necessary, it would definitely be a great way to connect to the game! Let me know what you guys think/ what an app would be good for.