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  1. What the game Nine to Five RPG has accomplished in 2 months means they are well on track to surpassing identity... Imagine how fast things will speed up if they manage to receive their goal on kickstarter. Everyone received an email off Identity about a month ago stating how we're all going to receive multiple emails every month now... Did we?? No... Why? Because it was just a quick attempt to gain a bunch of extra cash from potential new customers. They hyped up some mafia territory thing and some new pets to peak peoples interest again. We will probably receive a similar email in a few months time with some convenient new cash shop items... again promising lots of emails every month only to go dead after that single one. Wonder what the next news thing will be.... "Introducing planes to travel around the world... Buy your plane now for a limited time before it's gone forever"
  2. Town square will probably be released sometime next year. But the town square itself is unlikely to offer much entertainment. It would be more about walking around and not doing much other than socializing with other people. People will get bored of that very fast. And it's took them this many year just to sort that out.
  3. This is getting silly

    Okay so in this roleplay game why doesn't someone else come up and steal the chess game alltogether / the pieces? Again... You're still trying to defend something that cannot be defended... Your defence again would be "now you're just being silly" Which is the exact same with your statement.. This game will mostly be full of players wanting a GTA / mafia style game not the average role playing ARMA server.
  4. It won't be ready soon... it's not expected to be ready till sometime after 2020.
  5. A big mismatch in numbers...

    That is exactly the reasoning behind it.
  6. This is getting silly

    And you're defending for the sake of defending... on every single post.... Some things shouldn't be defended and when you start defending them you just lose all credability in anything you actually defended well. If the chess board is left in its current form the game (chess) will be played by 90% trolls and 10% people who actually want to play chess. This will be changed I'm sure.... so don't try and defend something that shouldn't be defended. If they want to add in more board games that's cool but as I just mentioned, those that actually want to play chess will have a hard time finding other legit players. They will just be tossing pieces around for fun.
  7. This is getting silly

    Lmao your defending is just getting more ridiculous. I'm pretty sure they will make chess work properly by the time (if ever) the town square opens. But seriously stop with this ludicrous defending.. making an excuse for EVERY SINGLE THING... I mean what you just said takes it to a whole new level lmao. It's like saying "this gun isn't working in the PVP area because they don't want the gun to abide by the rules... in real life guns jam and so they intended all guns to permanently be jammed" OR you could be realistic and say "hey the guns in the game are bugged and won't fire" You see how being realistic is better? Good ... lesson learned. It's like you're fishing to become a forum mod. In fact yeah that must be it.
  8. Release the game

    I keep seeing this being used as a defence but did the developers clearly state this in the kickstarter description? If they did not then they took money for this investment knowing that the investors were essentially being scammed. For example... If I go to buy a vehicle and the owner tells me I should receive the vehicle at the end of the month then I know to expect a potential delay of maybe a week or so which is fine. If that 1 month turned into 2 years I would say I've been scammed even if I eventually got my vehicle. Now... if this owner said to me beforehand "look you will get your vehicle in about 2 years time but I'm only allowed to show a listing delay of 30 days so don't expect it beforehand" Then that is completely fine I knew what to expect. What I'm saying is... if they did not explain the situation during the kickstarter progress KNOWING that the project would take much longer than the maximum time they were allowed to put then what they did was in essence scam people into giving them money which had they known the actual deadline most probably would not have invested / donated. (I'm sure the investment would have come from other people eventually) I love this game I can't wait to play it but you constantly defending something that shouldn't be defended is not helping the situation and doesn't calm people down.
  9. Pets

    Nope the dogs won't shit everywhere because you may never get a chance to see them. like the devs I'm also selling this -googles a random picture- It's ermmmm $5000 very fast.