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  1. Dev Blog Deletion

    Hello, I noticed all the dev blogs have been deleted, I was just wondering if a mod or anyone else can comment on why this is the case? Here are a few examples: Thanks.
  2. Identity Trailer

    It's just semantics at this point, but the exact quote is "the Identity Town Square module will be published to Steam before the end of this month (October)!". Since it's "publishED" and not "will start the publishing process" (or words to that extent), I'd say the lad is right. It's not a big "delay", but it's still a delay. The game has not been published, it has simply begun the verification process to become "published". Something can't have been published, if there is no public substance. publish verb (used with object) to issue (printed or otherwise reproduced textual or graphic material, computer software, etc.) for sale or distribution to the public.
  3. That can't be a mechanic, since it's a shop item:
  4. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    The game is not out, only a trailer, the game will release in November of 2018.
  5. Identity Trailer

    Hey, friends, the Identity Town Square Steam release trailer just came out: What do the people think?!
  6. Town square release

    I could literally do it myself in 5 minutes by just editing the existing html and copy and pasting some shit in all updates page. It's just not a good look.
  7. Town square release

    This literally makes no sense, that's not how estimates work. An estimate is a rough calculation of an actual release, they can be as open or closed as the developer wants, but they can totally be held accountable for bad estimates. Maybe one or two bad estimates, that's fine, of course. Estimates ARE NOT made to be missed over and over (by a year+). This could be "we expect release to be in the second half of 2018", "in Q4 of 2018", or even something specific going down to a month. If you include estimates along with "release dates", I think there have been something along the lines of 5 or 6 missed deadlines (if you count the complete abandonment of the development tracker). And no, don't compare this to RDR2 or some shit, this is a TINY piece of a massive idea, after 4 years. The "b-b-but they're making the foundation" doesn't mean shit either until I see something that actually works (player VOIP, player housing, submitting paintings, submitting books ALL WORKING IN TANGENT, even then, I don't believe this game is build as an MMO at this point, especially with no SpatialOS integration, as planned later). Until then, the "foundation" is as good as non existent. I'll ask you this question then, since you seem to find your way to get out of any question. Why has the front page not been updated since July for dev blog posts? I love Identity, and cannot wait for the release by the way.
  8. Town square release

    It has for 4 months, much like why the front page doesn't have dev blog 20 or 21 on it, someone clearly got too lazy to update the website
  9. Town square release

    "When will closed beta begin? It's really too early to say with any certainty, although we feel that two years time will be quite enough to reach a feature complete state. We will most definitely not release an incomplete beta product; when Identity enters closed beta and your invitations are sent out, the game will be mostly complete with bug fixing and polishing remaining. Last updated: Mon, January 5 2015 8:08 PM UTC +00:00" Not sure if you wana qualify this one as a delay, but you're right, Kickstarter does only allow for 2 years, but this was said, and has nothing to do with Kickstarter's limitations. It does concern me a bit that "2 years until feature complete" has turned into almost 4 years for 1 slice of a massive concept, but we will see :).
  10. No Steam Key!

    Have you tried contacting someone via Discord?
  11. This is normal sir, the game is not out yet, but will be "very soon"!
  12. Prove us wrong Asylum Entertainment [Video]

    Can confirm I am alive again, thanks Identity mod team!