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  1. Prostitution?

    Thank you, kind Sir.
  2. November Poll (Redo)

    Church & State should NOT be linked in this way imo.
  3. Psychiatrist

    Could help people out if they're having a bad time. Could also help out the police by talking to criminals and helping work our why they do what they do.
  4. Circus.

    Not sure how it would work, but I know a few people that would be interested. Could include clowns, gymnasts, magicians, circus freaks, etc...
  5. The People's Revolutionary Party (P.R.P.) [HIRING!]

    I'd be interested in being a reporter for you, is there an opening still?
  6. Prostitution?

    Not with what attitude.
  7. Prostitution?

    In case it all goes wrong, could I turn to... Other means?
  8. Updated Polls

    I'm just here to pledge my support for the Democratic Realist Party.
  9. Dead by Daylight

    It's a fun game, toxic community though sometimes, but I'd recommend it
  10. News Team/Journalism?

    E.g a newspaper or some kind of news system would be pretty cool. Could interview the political figures and report on crimes, etc... Anyone interested respond to this, I'd be willing to try and make it work.
  11. Barbershop Quartet

    No problem. No past experience is required!
  12. Greetings from the UK!

    Thanks, I read your political manifesto - you've got my vote!
  13. Barbershop Quartet

    Okay, we need two more then (:
  14. Barbershop Quartet

    Need three more people. We will sing for birthdays, etc...
  15. Dead by Daylight

    Anyone here play DBD?