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  1. Custom police for servers.

    I would like to suggest mod support for custom vehicle designs and police uniforms, so that you could have a custom server or something with your local or favorite PD. (If I had this option I would make Las Vegas Metro police and a Kenosha county sheriff designs for my car, and kenosha county sheriff uniforms.) Same with FIre & EMS. Anyone else agree?
  2. Make Your Character

    (Lemme take a crack at this) Name: Simon Martz Date of birth: 4/23/95 Appearance: 6'3 with Black hair, clean shaven, average build. Race/ethnicity/nationality: White, American. Personality: Careful. (Temp) Education: High School graduate. Sexuality: Straight. Misc Facts: Wants to become a Navy Seal, but keeps getting denied from the navy for unknown reasons. Applying for the police Dept. Background: From Wilmington, North Carolina, Simon's Father was killed while serving overseas.