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  1. Modules

    The other two are swat and racing
  2. How are you goind to prevent?

    Well the devs said their wont be
  3. Hardcore mode

    I think having the settings there to allow it so that private communities can decide what's best for their player base
  4. Please Block Russians!

    So you are suggesting they block a country when there will more than likely be German communities hosting servers so it won't even be an issue
  5. Map

    I believe they said it will take 1 hr to run across
  6. Identity Beta, what do you think so far?

    nice troll
  7. Updates?

  8. Devblog

    This is suggested about once a week, I think the devs should spend more time on dev work rather than writing blog posts
  9. Intranet

    oh god please no
  10. Could we delete our posts/topics?

    Ugh mods can still see hidden post so the evidence is still there it will just make the forums look a bit more tidy without the mods having to do extra work
  11. Could we delete our posts/topics?

    I know you can but I was suggesting the ability for us to hide then for when we maybe accidentally double post etc
  12. Could we delete our posts/topics?

    Even if we can't delete our own posts it would be nice to be able to hide them, that way the admins/mods can still see it in case it's something that is against the rules i.e being really abusive towards someone then deleting the post once they have seen it but before the mods do
  13. Speed limits

    or maybe have a point system and if you go over your limit you will lose your license for x amount of time and you have to resit the test after the time is up
  14. Environmental items

    That would be cool, dont think the devs have said anything about this yet