The Revolutionary Militia of Normal People (RMNP)

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The Revolutionary Militia of Normal People

One mind, One voice

Who we are

We are a militia of normal people (as the name suggests), we fight for the voice of the people. If a revolutionary group wants to make a change they must get permission from a mass vote of all the people in the militia. If they choose to start doing anything before being accepted or after being rejected, they will be shut down swiftly, whether that means a simple conversation, or blood being spilt. we are talking to you @SCUM


We will take donations, but no bribery. if a group tries this they will not be accepted by default.


A mass vote will be held to donate money to a specific candidacy.

Sponsored Canidate

None yet, PM me if you want the position, personally I nominate @LuciousTimes


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1 hour ago, NyanRadscorpion said:

if the people want communism then we will support it

The People's Revolutionary Party intends to form numerous coalitions, based on the commonalities of the P.R.P. with foreign entities, in order to ensure that our common interests are fulfilled within Identity Island. It appears that both of our political parties seem identical to one another, excluding the only difference being that the P.R.P. is a Communist political party. Thus, is "The Revolutionary Militia of Normal People" (R.M.N.P.) interested in forming a "Direct-Democratic Coalition/Movement/Alliance" (D.D.C/D.D.M./D.D.A.) with the People's Revolutionary Party?

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