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Found 7 results

  1. It has been a journey following the development of Identity. First hearing about the game in 2015, I was wildly interested in what the game will become and had a outburst of excitement when viewing the initial trailer. Considering my age (15) at the time, I had no card to back the game myself and instead continued to follow the game's journey. Despite, various ups and downs I still look positively on the development as it is a highly ambitious concept produced by a small team. In recent times, I have since viewed the gameplay video and looking forward to customising my own character after years of anticipation. Though I never made a forum account, I have created one as of mid-2017 and through my ownership of my very own debit card, I have purchased the $30 pledge as of an hour ago! Looking forward to meeting you all in the square!
  2. Wats good fella humans

    Yo just pledged 30 bucks for that beta! Who else here is hyped for beta release, soon hopefully!
  3. Passports

    If I bought a FOUNDER passport for example , after the first alpha if i really admired the game , can I upgrade for a higher passport ? Because I am really interested about the game , but you know , sometimes you want to try first .
  4. The Revolutionary Militia of Normal People One mind, One voice Who we are We are a militia of normal people (as the name suggests), we fight for the voice of the people. If a revolutionary group wants to make a change they must get permission from a mass vote of all the people in the militia. If they choose to start doing anything before being accepted or after being rejected, they will be shut down swiftly, whether that means a simple conversation, or blood being spilt. we are talking to you @SCUM Endorsements We will take donations, but no bribery. if a group tries this they will not be accepted by default. Politicians A mass vote will be held to donate money to a specific candidacy. Sponsored Canidate None yet, PM me if you want the position, personally I nominate @LuciousTimes PM ME TO JOIN
  5. Not Able To Claim Donation For Citizenship

    I donated to get citizenship, I received an email from Paypal for my purchase, however no email from Identity and I can't claim any donation. I can screenshot my email for you. Thank you, FirstTImeFrest
  6. CITIZEN Passport

    Question: If I purchase CITIZEN How long does it last ? I mean does CITIZEN require me to re-purchase after a certain amount of time ? Or is it for good?
  7. Almost 6000 Citizens !

    We are almost 6000 peoples supporting the game !