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  1. community

    Sounds interesting, can you possibly put more information here?
  2. Can't wait to see what you bring to the table 😀
  3. Well guess I got to figure out a new question then, lol
  4. You should ask them if app development for phones and computers is a thing in the game. Don't think that's ever been asked before.
  5. I'm sorry if that came out rude, but I was talking about the same situation that Madeofsand was talking about, i'm on my account page when i'm looking at it, not the shop.
  6. Of course i'm logged in, I wouldn't be seeing my account information if I wasn't.
  7. Thanks, although I've already had someone else forward it to me, i'm trying to solve this because it's a continuing problem that will continue to happen if I don't fix it.
  8. I know one person is still waiting to get a refund after almost 2 months and still hasn't gotten any official help from one of the devs, so I can understand their stance that this might be a scam since if I was in their shoes I would probably think the same way in terms of getting a refund. Although it's probably just them being too busy, which in whole seems to be the main issue.
  9. I've already tried that, didn't get me anywhere, in fact, motown is online right now and I still haven't been able to get him to notice even with a personal dm. I think i'm just gonna stop for now and try again later, this is starting to give me a major headache because I have other problems to deal with as well and getting no help. Truthfully they should, when they are able to do it, get a customer support team together since it seems that a lot people are having issues, even if it's just refund stuff. It would probably go a long way with helping out some issues going on in the community right now.
  10. Yeah, I believe a majority of people got it around the same time you did. Still haven't gotten it yet and still haven't heard from anyone who can help me on the dev team yet. This is starting to get real frustrating.
  11. What time is it for you now?
  12. Hello, so I still haven't gotten the dev blog yet even though I pledged about a year ago at this point, while people who've pledged yesterday for example were one of the first to get it. I really need help to figure out if im even on the list anymore since I updated my email on the account last week. I already made sure to check if the check mark next to newsletter is ticked, and checked my spam and my previous email account. Thank you if you are able to help me, this is starting to get real irritating
  13. I am also having the same problem, didn't even realize it was a problem till I saw this, can someone please help me...
  14. It's been resolved.
  15. Hello, is it possible to update the currently email on the main identity account? If you can that would be alot of help.