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  1. Hey sorry, I've been gone for the past month or so, was wondering if any information has come out from the dev's about the upcoming video. Thought it was coming out by the end of 2017?
  2. Hey there, so I've been looking around the forums for answers about the upcoming gameplay video that's supposed to happen before the year is out, does anyone happen to know how that is coming along and whether we will still be getting it by New Years?
  3. I think that's generally a good question, but I would like to expand it. I'm curious about how the political map looks for Island, or will the vote be based on popular vote and the political map just doesn't matter?
  4. I think what the OP is trying to get at is they will be more likely to become a believer of the game if they are able to see videos of the systems of the game working, like how they made the apartment video earlier this year. I think he has no problem understanding that they are working on the game, but are they working towards finishing up systems and/or are they completed with them. He wants to see more tangible evidence that the game is at a point the developers say it is, and generally that's how most people shop. I hope over the next couple of months the devs are able to show you the proof you need, but for now I'm happy with ya just chilling in the forums. @Luxtar
  5. You know what, I'm not in any mood to stress out about this situation, with my studies in full effect right now I can't be continuing to go back and forth on this, they fixed their problems so I've added them to the poll again.
  6. I think you keep missing my point. I have no problems with them being in the poll or running, I took them down because their original posting consisted of 5 lines and the other parties on the poll were concerned about the poll becoming saturated. I removed them while I figured out what to do and to give them time to fix their problems. The Unified Party has now fixed a lot of problems that I wanted fixed and I said I would add them again since they have a much more thought out idea of what their party is.
  7. The big reason I'm hesitant on adding them is because they were, note were, not being serious about this and I wanted it to be so. I had a couple parties bring up to me their concern about them taking all the seriousness out of the poll and I did my best to fix that issue, once I saw that they were starting to actually show some seriousness I was willing to give them a try, but I would like to put them in an even footing instead of starting late. The only reason I first put them in the poll in the first place was because they brought it up in voice chat with me that they wanted to see how well a non serious party would do, I was curious about it as well so I did, but the moment it became a problem I ended it. I will add them to the next poll if they are serious about this whole thing, but calling me about as similar to the Russian Media because I wanted to keep the poll in order doesn't make me want to what you want. This includes updating their posting with legitimate policies and ideals without jabbing at other parties for their policies, that's what debates and campaigns are for, not the direct foundation of the political party. I am 100% willing to add them to the polls, but I will only add serious, well defined parties that want to actually run, that way to keep the list organized without too many parties. I'm sorry that taking them off the poll made you upset, but I did so while I figured out how to handle this situation, calling me names and harassing me doesn't help me figure out what to do. I'll take a look at the page, but probably yes.
  8. Since the poll is almost over I will not be adding The Unified Party, but the next poll I will.
  9. Ahh sorry, was told you were the candidate
  10. Btw, stop messaging me, I'm not going to engage with you anymore over you being a troll when I was with you when you were joking around about this. That is the end of this discussion I really do hope you have a nice day and not get stuck on this and just get more upset.
  11. I already know you were joking about it, I was with you, the joke is over and it's time to be serious again.
  12. The problem has been fixed, sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.
  13. Edited poll again: Removed The Unified Party since it seems a majority of people who voted for them don't take this as serious as this poll is intended. Sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused