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  1. Identity Insider #3 - Gangs and Warfare

    How close are we to the release?
  2. I don't have any suspicions nor do i want a refund. I just wanna get my hands on this one of a kind experience.
  3. I've been following and waiting patiently for this game for a very long time now. Any hope that the set release date will happen? I just can't wait anymore lol
  4. Is there a Judicial System?

    Like courts, judges, laws?
  5. Well that's a sign of relief, Thanks for letting us know
  6. Hi, I really like to buy the Beta Access of the Game, but.. I live in South Asia and PayPal here is a pain in the rear because it rejects the payment (Government Restriction), I don't know for what godly reason. Is it possible for Asylum Entertainments to implement more payment options apart from PayPal, like G2PAY or something more like Skrill or Neteller but G2PAY is more preferable here because it comes with various payment methods. Please can the right people consider this request not only from me but from more people like me in Asia and other parts of the world who have no PayPal or PayPal is being a pain in the rear for them too. P.S : My friend Ruri-Chan has a Question; "Is the game gonna be Available on Steam or any other Platform?". EDIT - Found the Game in Steam/Greenlight/Concepts So, Yeah Regards