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  1. The Moretti Mafia - RECRUITING

    Due to an influx of this question, I will post it here in the comments: We have people all over the world currently! From America to Germany! However, we do speak English primarily!
  2. The Moretti Mafia - RECRUITING

    Bump for anyone interested!
  3. So the people who payed for a car on the current shop, it's liable to be stolen and you can't get it back?

    Why's that?
  5. I've come up with another question! On a personal level, why do you want to be governor?
  6. Black Market Discord

    Just out of curiosity, could this have a chance of killing some of the role-play aspect of the game? For example, instead of calling your dealer in game, you simply shoot him a message over discord?

    Lets start a truck company! That was one of my goals too, to be a oversize load truck driver
  8. Looking to join a crew

    Please, look over this and let me know what you think. Your main aim is our main focus
  9. Anybody play ATS and/or ETS?

    Beautiful!! Let me know if you wanna truck sometime!
  10. Anybody play ATS and/or ETS?

    Hahaha, many of us have had same incidents
  11. Identity Airâ„¢

    Best of luck with your new company!
  12. Hawk Security - REVAMP! HIRING TODAY!

    Best of luck Grey! If I feel like I ever need some extra protection when traveling, you'll be the first I call!
  13. As well do I, thanks for being swift on your responses!