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  1. Dead babies can't take care of themselves

  2. They keep on spying. But i have nothing to hide.
  3. Sometimes my world goes upside down
    Sometimes I see things backwards
    When I go walking in town, can't get back home
    Sometimes I see things right to left

    And I know that's not right at all
    But since I bumped into you, I bump into walls
    And no one knows what's wrong with me
    They think that I got dropsie

  4. @LuciousTimes Now i am. I think i got schizophrenia. I think i literally blew my mind.
  5. @LuciousTimes I want Nathan to get the punishment i got. Hyper-V hi jacking, webcam stalking, witch hunt on school.
  6. @LuciousTimes You can see the in the future, right?
  7. I've had so many blackout nights before
    I don't think I can take this anymore

  8. Watching Flip the frog

  9. @LuciousTimes"Fear And Loathing At the Art school"
  10. Is Spotify a drug??
    Because it makes me feel high.

  11. If my life was a video game it should have this soundtrack: And:
  12. The only thing i did as an cyber crime was downloading MP3's and movies.