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  1. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Overalls by Umut: "Gators" by Umut: Proposed Design (Concept Art) for Town Square's Bank (Interior) by Pavlenko: Proposed Design (Concept Art) for Town Square's Coffee Shop (Interior) by Pavlenko:
  2. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Short Afro Hairstyle by Miroslav: Sandals by Umut: Socks by Umut: Round Ottoman by Jade:
  3. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Side-Parted Hairstyle by Miroslav: Water Cooler by Antoine: Megaphone by Jade:
  4. Still no updates?

    While we aim to update the tracker near the end of every workday, there have been times where nothing was updated. There used to be a bug that prevented the visual from changing that has since been rectified, but there have been nights where the team worked overtime and were unable to update their progress. The remaining tasks also require at least a few days each to fully complete, which explains why you sometimes see the tracker update when there’s no visual change to the progress bars. Work has been completed on these days, but not enough to move any bars forward on the webpage. I believe the programmers are currently working on systems that pertain to user inventory and the shop interface. They’ve also been tackling some of the oddities that occurred during our stream on May 29th (shirtless character, inventory items not being usable). Regarding the website, we’re still waiting on the technology partner mentioned in Dev Blog #017. They’ll allow us to offer new payment options on the Identity Shop page, but they unfortunately haven’t been quick to respond to our inquiries. I’ve been told that switching to a different partner would take longer than it would be to wait for a response, however. If I receive any news pertaining to the website’s progress, I’ll definitely let the community know. @Nook You’ll have a week after the new website launches to grab the current pledge reward packages at their current prices. Here’s a clip of the CEO talking about it (he begins speaking at about 13 seconds in): Meta (Will the shop prices remain the same for a week to give users a heads up?)
  5. Name Change

    Hello eBear! One of our moderators took care of your forum name change for you! I've sent a message to your inbox describing how you can go about changing your Identity username, give me a reply when you can!
  6. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Decorative Bowl (Chalice-like) by Antoine: Other Decorative Bowls by Antoine: Evidence Box by Antoine:
  7. Packet

    Hello XaPlay, The $15.00 Citizen pledge reward package acts as a pre-order for the full game. You'll buy the game now at a discounted price, and will receive your download key once the game is complete. The $30.00 Founder pledge reward package will do the same, except it will also grant you access to any pre-release content Asylum plans to release. You'll be able to play such content beginning with Town Square, which will be available shortly after all tasks on our Task Tracker are marked as "Completed":
  8. old email

    Hello Ole-Andre, I sent you a message with details pertaining to how you can go about switching your email! Send me back a message when you can!
  9. Changing Username

    Hey Alexandre! I sent a message to your inbox with details on how you can go about changing your Identity Account's Username! Send me a reply when you can!
  10. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Flashlight by Philipp: Radiator by Philipp: Dress Watch by Umut:
  11. Lost my e-mail

    Hello Fawad17! I sent a message to your inbox detailing how you can go about changing the email address associated with your Identity Account! Shoot me a response when you get the chance!
  12. Can't register

    Hey Short, That's quite peculiar! Would it be possible to private message me a screenshot of the error? I'll pass it along to the devs who've worked on the site and I'll see what we can do! (Also if you want to give it a shot, try registering on a different browser than the one you currently use, might help.)
  13. Changing identity game account email

    Hello VibrantMeerkat! I'll send a message to your inbox in a moment detailing how you can go about changing your email address.
  14. Forum Name And User name

    Hello sjsj1013! I sent a message to your inbox detailing how you can go about changing your usernames! Message me back when you get the chance!
  15. Refund the game

    Hey again BLACKTZ, I sent a message to your inbox with some information that'll help you out if you're still having trouble! Feel free to message me back and I'll see what I can do!
  16. Refund the game

    Hello BLACKTZ, We have a thread up here that should help you out: You can dispute the transaction on paypal and we'll receive a notification on our end to refund the purchase.
  17. Account Email Change

    Hey Nathan! I sent you a message detailing the process of how to switch the email associated with your Identity Account. Shoot me back a reply when you get the chance!
  18. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Checkers Pieces by Philipp: Game Controller by Jade: Headphones by Umut:
  19. My Card Is Being Declined [Cant Buy From The Shop]

    Excellent, that's great news Killerbotawsome! Good to hear you can finally use the funds on your gift card! If you ever have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
  20. Demander un remboursement FRANCDUX

    Hello FRANCDUX, We should receive a notification within our paypal once you dispute the transaction(s). I will remind the person overseeing refund inquiries to take a look as soon as possible. Refunds can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to fully process. If your case on paypal is ever about to close, please message me back and I will try to move things along as quickly as possible.
  21. Requesting refund

    Hey Komaric, That's quite bizarre! Would you be able to send me a personal message with a few things? The receipt ID you mentioned along with the email address you use to sign into paypal would be helpful. If you got an email confirming the transaction with the Transaction ID, this would also help us a great deal in verifying the purchase. Really, any information that can help prove that you are the one who made the transaction would be most appreciated (even small things like the date purchased, how much you pledged, etc.) I'll pass the info along to the one in charge of paypal-related inquires and we'll see what we can do. I would also suggest contacting paypal to notify them of the missing transaction. It's not good that details about one of your transactions has gone missing all of a sudden! D: I hope they can fix things on their end.
  22. Requesting a refund.

    Hello Elijah! If you disputed the transaction on paypal, then we should have a notification on our end telling us that there's an issue with your purchase. We'll have the option to refund the purchase as one of our available actions. I'll remind the one in charge of paypal-related inquiries that there should be at least one pending refund awaiting his attention. Refunds can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to fully process, but I'll see if we can get things rolling on our end soon.
  23. My Card Is Being Declined [Cant Buy From The Shop]

    Hello again Killerbotawsome, We're waiting on a technology partner to finalize some things on there end before we can proceed with the launch of the new site. It's admittedly taken longer than anticipated, but we'll make sure to release the site ASAP once they're done on their end. I'll also post any news about updates regarding the new site when I can! Have you had any success with the gift card with paypal? If you tried registering the card online through visas/vanillas site, did that do anything?
  24. Salutations everyone, I just wanted to give you all a quick heads up as to how Tuesday's stream will function. The current plan is to host a regular development stream for about 45 minutes, then give John (the CEO) a moment to stream some gameplay near the end. Both streams will take place in the usual spot: The goal is to give viewers a brief tour of Town Square after he creates a character to play as. While we won't show off too many features just yet (we need a few more programming + UI tasks to be completed in order to make some features look and operate properly), the prospect of seeing a character move within Town Square's environment is quite exciting. We know many have grown fatigued of seeing Art streams, so we hope that this will be a welcome change in atmosphere. If you can't tune in on Tuesday, don't worry. I'll make sure the VOD is preserved on YouTube, and I'll most certainly be recording highlights of the stream using Twitch's Clip feature. That's all for now! I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend, see you next week!
  25. Pledge Packs

    Hey VickVega, There is no way to currently double purchase a pledge reward package, or to own two different pledge reward packages simultaneously. You won't be able to buy two "Up-Sized" packages, for example, and you can't own "Speed Demon" and "The VIP" at the same time. When the Shop offers individual items, you will be able to buy several vehicles such as the Rusted Car and Old Dirt Bike (you can also buy several different apartments). You will likely not be able to purchase multiple copies of the same vehicle or apartment unfortunately, but you can own several different vehicles and apartments simultaneously by buying them individually (our current Shop doesn't let you own multiple apartments in one pledge package, for example).