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  1. Religious Cult

    As long as delusional ppl can stop themselves from putting guilt trips on ppl and forcing ppl to join their religion than that's fine. I am going to create a Satanic cult in the game anyways. In my religion, my followers are going to worship the baphomet and dance naked around the camp fire, drinking pig's blood. We will also sacrifice weak ppl, like religious ppl and winey SJWs. It would be funny if there were preachers standing on the sidewalks in the game, spreading the gospel. I would throw there pamphlet in the garbage. There are going to be churches in the game where a man and a woman or two men or two lesbians can get married. So, you can pray and sing gospel songs with a bunch of friends if you want. I wonder how the Asylum team will deal with mock terrorist attacks on innocent civilians online. There is going to be a stress system in the game, but I don't know how it is going to work.
  2. cutting contents

    I have faith in the development team. If they cut content out of the game for a specific purpose, it would probably be for the good of mankind. If this game is going to be any better than the Arma 3 Life Mod, then this game is going to be epic! Roleplaying kind of sucks in GTA Online and the graphics on Second Life is terrible. And IMVU is just a social chat site with avatars.
  3. what type of brand soda u want to see

    Sprunk. Kidding. That already exists! I would like to see Asylum's take on Dr. Pepper, Starbucks coffee/tea, Miller Light and Budweiser.
  4. could car dealership be thing?

    I heard if you have enough money, you can buy a bunch of cars, raise their price and sell them.
  5. (Roleplay) Rest Up Bar & Grill: Part One

    I feel like burning down your restaurant. Am I bad? 😐😈
  6. Gameplay

    There are safe zones at a lot of areas in the game where ppl don't have to worry about getting shot at (gun free zones). That is what I've heard on youtube.
  7. 10 to 20 saved slots for clothing attire.
  8. DLC Ideas

    -Military DLC. (All the battles take place in an island, comes with full combat gear and vehicles) -Aviation DLC. (Once everyone had drove their vehicles around the map, it is time to travel the skies, with islands at a far distance that would take several minutes to reach, commercial airliners where you get paid to pilot the plane with a lot of passengers) -Western DLC (Horses, cowboy outfits, lassowing ppl, texas hold 'em poker etc...) -Zombie DLC (The goal is to escape and survive the zombie apocalypse!)
  9. Night Vision Goggles For Police Officers

    Chasing criminals in forests, dark tunnels, abandoned houses without electricity at night would be a whole different story.
  10. Birthdays For The Citizens

    Birthday parties, cake, some kick ass tunes blazing through the stereo or pill, a facebook like app to remind you and all your friends your birthday.
  11. The police should be the only ones using those goggles.
  12. Abandoned houses, factories, sewers, tunnels and mountains that have some paranormal activity in them. Ghost hunting would be an interesting, small activity. Night vision goggles would be nice.
  13. Snapping Fingers Emote/Action

    Snapping fingers, sneezing, coughing, clapping hands, giving the bird, c-walking, dancing, devil horns, head banging, crotch chop etc...
  14. DJ In The Club

    It would be nice to own your own dance club, with bouncers, dancers, bar tenders and a DJ. Would you need a your very own turn table or is there going to be a virtual turn table?
  15. I would like concerts, car shows, star wars conventions etc... in the empty sports Stadiums. I know there is going to be soccer and stadiums in the game.