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I'm kinda confused. It's not a whole lot of information we've got about the Beta Access. I've heard from a video (on YouTube I think) that there won't be drivable cars in the Beta yet. Then I've heard something about that you will be given a free bike when joining the Beta Access, is that true?

I'm also wondering about the apartments/housing. I've bought the Founder-package, which includes Passport, Founder Hat and Beta Access, where are you going to live when joining the game for the first time? Do you have an old apartment or do you live on the street? And how do you earn money to rent an apartment, or buy a house, if you doesn't have one when joining for the first time?

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Hey @MikaFromDenmark,

Beta access is after all 3 modules and the beta will include cars and pretty much will be the closest thing to the full game. However you won't get a "Free" motorbike if that is what you mean. You have to have the pledge that gives that.

The first module is due to release soon / a few months and can be read about here:

You will likely start off with $100 at the start and if you don't have the apartment pledge then you will have a hotel room for a limited time for free which then after that time period you would have to have made money to pay for the room or live on the street.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,


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