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Who are we?

We are a security testing company.  We know that there are tons of security companies. We also know that not all security is 100% flawless, but we think it should be. We will work with any company legal or not.  This is a premium service that will not be cheap but we think that this is more than fair.  After All you really can’t put a price on security.  This could be the difference between a robbery being successful or not.  We will NEVER harm anyone, anything or ourselves.




What do we do?

We will first do a vulnerability assessment then test out any flaws we find.  If we are able to infiltrate your business through these flaws then we will conduct a write up and send it to you detailing exactly how and what we did and also what you can do to fix it.  If there are multiple flaws we will do this for each flaw.




How do we work?

When a client reaches out to us the first thing we make sure they do is not to tell anyone else (we want the security to be normal not on guard).  We will then ask them if they think there are any flaws.  We also need the CEO of the company to sign a legal document so that we are able to conduct the penetration test and inform the police that we have their permission.  Our specialised team will then sit down and go over the layout of the building and even visit it to find out what security measures are in place if needed.  We will then all go over the plan to make sure everyone understands what is happening even the client (to ensure he is happy with what we are going to do).  After we will all sit down again and go over why the plan did or did not succeed and then send the client the information.




Fine details


We charge a base consultation fee of $500 this is so that our team can estimate how much it will cost to do the assessment (the base price for a full penetration test is $4000).  We then send the client the price for the package they have chose (more details on packages to come) and get to work straight away.




Want to get in contact


If you would like a vulnerability assessment done on your company then please pm me the following form filled out.


Company name:


Why you want a vulnerability assessment:


Company size (employee count):


Anything you don't want us to do:


Any major threats to our team (eg guns):


Any other details:






Any of our employees in any sector will receive competitive pay and benefits. Currently we are not sure of how many employees we need but this will change later so feel free to pm me your resume anyway -


Rp Name:


Forum Name:




Do you have a working mic:


Previous rp/security experience:


Why should we hire you over someone else:


What sector you would like to work in (marketing, admin, sales etc):

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