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I am a big car lover and i need to share my thoughts because this game is wickard.the things that could come in with cars id love you see is good realistic customization such asa nice turbo and lowering springs rather than big machine guns hanging off the side. i would love you see some street style cars such as RWD nissan ect. having big noisey mufflers, fuel, and parts on the car wear out over time would be awesome. such as dirty air filter, spark plug leads buggering out. this brings in a mechanic job, but not every one want to be a mechanicso im sure you will not need to be a paid mechanic to fix your car. as well as a gas station, if no one is working at the gas station, use your bank card.

this brings in bank account, i would love to see your income get put in your bank rather than magically appearing in your inventory an so on. 

another thing about this that should be in GTA, ( but we're not here to talk about that game, this game is going to be better) is interest. if you have money in your bank, you should earn a little interest on it. 

back to the cars. i would love you have nice blow off valve noises and al most every part on the car intractable, ( whilst in a garage an so on) so when the tires are low on health ( Tred ) or the spark plugs are getting tired and dirty, you can remove them and buy the part to replace it. now i know this is a lot to ask and put in the game etc, but at least having fuel and tire ware would be cool. as one of the first things ill be doing is driving erraticly. you can check this stuff out on the . Car Mechanic Simulator. good game

witch brings me to another thing. Speed, Red lights, Loss of traction, maby even warrent of fitness and rego. so the police will be able to pull you over and have a check on your car, and if they see you go through a red light, it would trigger an allowence for the police to issue a ticket or somthing. this would be the coolest thing about the cars. kinda like mafia, ( red lights etc no speeding ) but the police will have to see you do it. but we cant have police speeding around town so they should have somthing within there job such as bad behaviour. where they get suspended or somthing. seams as ive heard you cant go round killing people how ever, ( witch i think is really good ) the driving in the game can be a real crime interactive thing, as it is in real life.

thank you if you have had the time to read this. i will have ideas popping up all the time witch could have me writting forever but ill end it here.  thankyou


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I like what you've written here. As far as I know (which isnt much) the vehicles will be more realistic in terms of not having machine guns mounted on them. No doubt there is customization planned. However, I find it unlikely the devs would get as detailed as spark plugs. Im hoping that a game such as Identity will pride itself for realism, and have officers enforce traffic laws. I guess we'll find out once Module 3 launches. 

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