Holstering/lowering firearms

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Different holsters/holstering actions for firearms. For example, if we have a shotgun or rifle.. you obviously can't hide those inside your shirt or pants, so perhaps we should be able to have them slung on our backs or lowered in our hands whereas they aren't just pointing where you are looking making it seem as if you're going to shoot someone.
Also, with handguns, there should be an open/concealed carry option for having them on your person. 

Another idea might be.. weapon attachments?

Basically, if a player has a firearm, you'll know it unless it's a handgun being carried from a concealed spot and rifles don't just magically go back into your pocket or 'backpack'

Image result for concealed carryImage result for rifle slung on backImage result for ak slung on back

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As it stands, due to how realism is a strong point in the game's immersion, I would think they'd have something like that, and as a criminal especially, having to keep those big old cartel weapons locked up in the trunk seems more logical than pulling the whole gun out of your lower extremities.

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