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  1. Immigration Application: Nova Tarkov

    True, true. The military part was just for the background though and nice to meet everyone. Thank you forthe compliments as well!
  2. I've had some Arma 3 experiences where a follow civilian and I were hanging out on the Asylum server and he mugged a paramedic for his clothing then wore it around for a while. (I wasn't around when he mugged the medic though) Before he told me that, however, he said, "Yeah.. so.. it was dark and stormy outside and this heroic medic had saved me from the cold. I was naked and afraid so, he took his clothes off and gave them to me and walked off. I never saw him again." Which is also the story of what he explained to this one cop lol. The sergeant-ranked police officer not buying it forced him to take the clothes off and put them in the cop car so he could dispose of them (AKA Throw them away in a hidden place).
  3. Immigration Application: Nova Tarkov

    Hah, thank you! I guess that means my immigration application was accepted lol
  4. Should I buy Arma III?

    Yes, Arma III is still a great game and NOT just for the Roleplaying servers either! I've logged 200+ Hrs. on it and it's definitely worth the buy, I promise you so.
  5. Holstering/lowering firearms

    Different holsters/holstering actions for firearms. For example, if we have a shotgun or rifle.. you obviously can't hide those inside your shirt or pants, so perhaps we should be able to have them slung on our backs or lowered in our hands whereas they aren't just pointing where you are looking making it seem as if you're going to shoot someone. Also, with handguns, there should be an open/concealed carry option for having them on your person. Another idea might be.. weapon attachments? Basically, if a player has a firearm, you'll know it unless it's a handgun being carried from a concealed spot and rifles don't just magically go back into your pocket or 'backpack'
  6. Immigration Application Name: Nova Tarkov (Not my real name) Aliases: "Journeyman800", "JM-Rouge", "Journeyman" Age: 26 (Actually 18) Race: Caucasian Eyes: BLU Hair: BR Origin: Texas Description: A veteran of the conflicts in Takistan, and the islands of Altis, and Stratis (From Arma 2 and 3) as a combat engineer. A leader of a group dubbed as the "November Dawn Corp." He is an experienced and hardened fighter. Nova wishes to immgrate to [Name of the land Identity takes place] in hopes to settle down from his past and create a business. Affiliations: "Righteous Fox Task Force" (2016-Present),"November Dawn Corp." (2015-Present), "Rouge-ONE" Milsim team (2015). (Link(s): The first two photos are the logos of two of the affiliated organizations mentioned; third photo is one from back in his military career. What do I look forward to in Identity? I look forward to earning enough money to start off with a decent-size home in order to decorate it the my desire and then form an organization with several of my other friends which also are looking to purchasing this game in the future which then we will get geared up and take part in organized crime. *Cough* eh.. Don't put that in your notes, future law enforcement officers!
  7. Housing

    Personally, I'd love to see a house built like a compound where you could hire some players to guard the entrance or behind some walls with AK's or something. Kind of like a cartel-style facility. Couldn't really find an image of what I describing, sadly.