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This is the Platform for the Identity party

This is the income tax rate board.

    $0- $30,00 = 1%tax rate

    $30,000- 40,000 =2% tax rate

    $40,000- $50,000 =3%tax rate

    $50,000- $70,000=4% tax rate

    $70,000- $100,000=5% tax rate

    $100,000- $200,000=6% tax rate

    $200,000- $300,000=7% tax rate

    $300,000- $500,000=8% tax rate

    $500,000- $100,000,000=9% tax rate

    $1,000,000 < =10% tax rate

    Businesses rate= 2% 

    Weapon policies:

I think that there should be no machine guns or military or S.W.A.T grade weapons out on the street. I think that to make this state safer that there shouldn't be assault rifles out on the streets. I think that there should be three categories of weapons out on the street. The first category will be under hunting. This category will have hunting rifles, pistols, and shotguns, scopes will be allowed but no silencers. The second category will be self defense which will include pistols and shotguns, you will be allowed to shoot before you call the police if someone is trying to kill you. Last category will be pleasure guns. These guns you will only be able to shoot at shooting ranges, and you must be trained to shoot them. Extensive background checks will be preformed to buy any of these weapons. You will also have a licence to shoot any of these weapons. That means no criminal record. Butterfly knives and switch blades will be illegal. The only ammo that will be allowed will be general ammo. 


In a Thomas Hetch island(if there ever is one) there will be lower crime rates because I will encourage the officers, politicians, and other high ranked people to interact not only with their friends but the community so they know that we care about them. 

Drug Policies: 

  Weed, tobacco, alcohol, and prescription drugs will be the only legal drugs. 

Jobs and min wage:

 I think that the minimum wage should be $15 an hour. Don't fire people if they make one little mistake business owners. Minimum layoffs would be great.

Oil drilling: 

    I support oil drilling as long as it is done in the correct matter. We can't have marine life dying. 


  I don't have any stance on people with criminal records voting. That means I don't care. I care about what the people say and that is what will be done. I think that though that everyone should be able to vote.

Death Penalty:

   I think for really bad crimes people should get the death penalty. bad crime include murder and terrorism only 

Healthcare: I think together we can make a affordable healthcare system that will benefit everyone upper, middle, and lower class all together. I will help doctors make a decent pay check. There will be three classes of care. Basic, Premium, and Business. All include doctor checkups for when you are sick and annually on birthdays.

Basic: Up to $1.5 million in medical coverage. Medicine bills coverage up to $250,000.

Lower class rate: $100/mo Mid class rate: $200/mo Upper class rate: $300/mo

Premium: Up to $2.5 million in medical coverage. Medicine bills coverage up to $500,000.

Lower class rate: $200/mo Mid class rate: $400/mo Upper class rate: $500/mo

Business: Up to $2 million in medical coverage. Medicine bills coverage up to $300,000.

Business rate: $250/mo employee for lower class $350/mo employee for mid class and $450/mo for upper class employee


This issue will be dealt  with by making any law enforcement or office get punished when they do something wrong which can range from suspension all the way to jail time. There should be more government transparency to stop corruption and to prove that the government is not corrupt. Then we will set a budget guideline so the budget handlers wont just spent the money the government gives them on what ever the hell they want. Then we just need to keep a close eye on people who are suspected for corruption.  


   I will only give welfare for people who really need it. This will be a work for welfare system. If you need more money then the government will pay the person who needs welfare with income so they will get to a state where they wont need to use welfare anymore



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