[POLICE] MDC / CAD & 911 System

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MDC (Mobile Data Computer)

-Ability to remove it from the mount and use it outside the car.

-Ability to run a person's information with their full name and date of birth (gives driving history, driver's license status, owned vehicles, owned firearms, criminal history, gang affiliations, probation/parole status, and warrant status)

-Ability to check a vehicle's information with the license plate (gives if stolen, information of vehicle, and registered owner)

-Ability to run a residence history with the address of the building (gives owner & tenants, previous contacts/arrests at place, and registered firearms at the place).

-Ability to set yourself on lunch break, out-of-service, in-service, and busy (ten codes could be implemented for these).

-Ability to see the map of the city with all streets and the current location of all officers.

-Ability to activate emergency mode which will beep the radio and give your radio priority and give your location to all officers and dispatchers (same on radio).

-Ability to take notes on the computer (or you can use your notepad on your person).


Dispatch could do suggestions 1-5 for you, if you request it. They also have access to suggestion 6.


Computer Aided Dispatch

-Viewable by all officers on their MDC.

-Maintained by dispatch, can create/edit/archive calls (calls are given call numbers).

-Dispatcher must add the first person to the call on the CAD and can add more. A officer can add themself if there is at-least on person on the call.

-A officer can remove themself from the call or dispatch can do it as well.

-The main screen will show all calls with the call type (officer report, 911, etc), crime/reason, location, and officer(s) assigned. It will also show all on-duty units with their badge number. When you click on a officer you can see all their information. When you click on a call, you can see all the detailed information provided by dispatch.


Dispatcher can also set emergency mode for emergency reports.


911 System

You will call 911, a dispatcher will answer and get the information, and then create a call on the CAD with all information, and dispatch officers via the radio with some information on the call and they will see the CAD for more information and respond.

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