Get your Identity Steam key!

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Here's a step by step guide to claiming your Steam key in preparation for Town Square!

Step 1: Head over to to view your items. You'll need to have the "Beta Access" item in order to gain access to the Modules.

TS Act 1.png

Step 2: Click the "Account" tab on the side and navigate to the "Click To Link" button beside the Steam logo. You'll be given a warning that linking your Identity Account with your Steam Account is a one-time procedure. When you're ready to make the link, click the button to proceed.

TS Act 2.png

Step 3: You'll be brought to Steam's website. Log in with the Steam Account you wish to associate with your Identity Account here.

TS Act 3.png

Step 4: After logging in with your Steam, return back to your profile page on the Identity website. You should now see a Steam key beside the "Steam Product Key" heading. (Clicking the "Linked" button beside the Steam logo will now bring you to your Steam profile.)

TS Act 4.png

Step 5: Take your product key and register it using Steam's "Product Activation" feature. You can find this by launching the Steam client, clicking the "Games" dropdown menu button on the top left corner of your screen, and then by selecting the "Activate a Product on Steam..." option.

Redeem Area.png

TS Act 5.png

Step 6: You should then be greeted to an "Activation Successful!" screen, stating that "Identity: Town Square" has been associated with your Steam Account.

TS Act 6.png

Please note that Town Square won't appear in your Steam Games Library until we finish making the final few adjustments required to release the Module. Once we complete the final task on our Task Tracker, we'll then be able to make the Module visible.

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