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Backpack system [Dying]

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Players will keep cosmetic and convenience items upon death. By cosmetic, I am referring to items that are used simply to improve or customize the look of your character (so a lot of clothing and accessories). When referring to a convenience item, this would be something like your character's cell phone (as it helps users interact with the world and plays an important role in gameplay).

Items such as cash, weapons, etc. will, however, be dropped upon death.

Here's a segment from an old stream where the CEO discusses what players can lose once they die:

Mechanics (Player Death And How It Matters)

And lastly, here's are two excerpts from a stream discussing cell phones and why they can't be stolen:

Mechanics (Can a phone be stolen, lose reception, or run out of battery?)
Mechanics (Can a phone be stolen, lose reception, or run out of battery? 2)

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