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So we all know "Asylum Entertainment Inc" is giving us a lack of information on the update side, great models I will give you that! but it's not the most related as we want to see! I'm concerned what the game actually is gonna be like because the game has been developed for 4 years, sooner or later 5 years without any great gameplay or trailer! so take it or leave it, but I think I wasted 60 dollars of my income on something that's actually never coming out, just something to take in but ey, great games are coming out anyways this year.


what do you think about their lack of information, or am I the only one who thinks it's a total waste of time to look everyday to check if they have updated their stuff on their site? 


Best regards Tongi

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 Problem is people are salty because of what has been going on with this game or vaporware or whatever it is. I'm going through this right now with Camelot Unchained. Over 3 years backing and delay after delay.

The development team here isn't doing ANYTHING to calm it down with transparency. Everyday we come on here and it's the same bullshit and people just get more and more angry. Funny thing is there isn't anything really to do in Town Square honestly. You will run around for 2 hours then be bored and all of this will start all over again until the next module comes out in 2025.

I almost put some money down, glad I didn't, been through this with way too many games. I learned my lesson long ago.

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59 minutes ago, Tongi said:

Então, todos nós sabemos "Asylum Entertainment Inc" está nos dando uma falta de informações sobre o lado da atualização, grandes modelos que eu vou te dar isso! mas não é o mais relacionado como queremos ver! Eu estou preocupado com o que o jogo realmente vai ser porque o jogo foi desenvolvido por 4 anos, mais cedo ou mais tarde 5 anos sem qualquer jogabilidade ou trailer incrível! então pegue-o ou deixe-o, mas eu acho que perdi 60 dólares da minha renda em algo que na verdade nunca sai, apenas algo para levar, mas, grandes jogos estão saindo de qualquer maneira este ano.


O que você acha da falta de informação deles, ou eu sou o único que acha que é um desperdício total de tempo olhar todos os dias para verificar se eles atualizaram suas coisas em seu site? 


Atenciosamente Tongi


today will have new information on the developer's blog

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