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New Website!

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Salutations everyone,

Our new website went live over the weekend! You’ll now see an updated FAQ section, revamped account system, an improved presentation, and more! We’ll continue to add more content to the site as time goes on, and you can expect to see the next Identity Insider very shortly! Last month’s Dev Blog mentioned we’ll be seeing one pertaining to “criminal activity and gameplay”, so stay tuned!

Out of all the areas on our website, the shop page arguably received the biggest overhaul. It has an entirely new look, and you can now purchase items individually rather than in packages. Still, the packages that you saw on the old site remain available to purchase at the exact same prices they were before. You’ll also notice that some packages have even had items appended to their contents! (See: Up-Sized and The VIP)

The original plan was to keep the packages found on the old website as they were for exactly one week after the new shop went live. We intended to take them down after seven days, leaving only the individual items remaining. However, since PayPal is currently the only payment option we offer, we will be extending the duration for how long these packages will remain available. It would be unfair to those who are ready to make a purchase but don’t have access to a PayPal account, so you can expect to see the packages stay up for a little while longer. Once we secure more payment options, we’ll be sure to let users know how long they have to purchase one of the older packages.

Regarding tweaks to individual items, we’ll be changing around the “Custom Logo” item sometime this week. We weren’t very clear with what this item granted, so you’ll see “Custom T-Shirt Graphic” take its place. Those who purchased the “Custom Logo” item will be able to import a custom corporate logo in the full game. (Of course, if you aren’t satisfied with this change, feel free to contact me and I’ll get your account fixed up.)

For reference, the “Custom T-Shirt Graphic” item will allow users to produce 10 T-Shirts with an imported image of their choosing. The “Custom Logo” item will allow your imported image to appear on items such as clothing, furniture, and even your corporation’s in-game website page. The “Custom T-Shirt Graphic” will display the image on the front of the T-Shirt, whereas the “Custom Logo” will appear in small designated areas on crafted items for branding purposes. If you happen to purchase the “Custom Logo” item before it gets replaced with the “Custom T-Shirt Graphic”, then lucky you! We may see it return someday, but for now, it’ll remain off the shop page once “Custom T-Shirt Graphic” takes its place. Once again, if you aren’t happy with this change, contact me and I’ll see what I can do for you!

Another thing to mention is that our web developer has been hard at work fixing a few oddities that have popped up with the new site. If any of you suspect that something isn’t working quite as intended, feel free to message me and I’ll send your concerns to him!

Lastly, you’ll see a new Dev Blog go up shortly after the next Identity Insider that will cover the new website as one of its discussion topics. You’ll likely get a more formal overview of the new website’s features there, so you should definitely check it out when it’s up! (For reference, Dev Blogs are found here.)

That’s all for now! Feel free to keep us posted with any concerns you have regarding the new website’s design or its functionality. Have a great rest of your day, and I’ll see you around!

August 14th Edit:

The price of the Sphynx Cat has also been adjusted to better reflect the exotic nature of the animal.

August 17th Edit:

As of 3:45PM ET today, users who sent password recovery emails should receive a working key to log into their account. Changing passwords is still causing some problems for some users, so keep this key handy to get into your account. Gifting oddities are being addressed, and anyone who has had any items not reach their recipient should message me. Thanks to those who are providing feedback and screenshots of issues, I'll continue to convey such things to our web developer as its been helping tremendously!

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