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9 hours ago, JoelKeys said:

You brought Rockstar into this. I never brought up other companies until you started comparing the two. 

You are talking about DLC's. We had the base game, GTA V, and we were waiting on additional content being released. Rockstar can afford to do this because they are a well-established company and we already had the base game. Asylum cannot afford to be making huge pushbacks because as far as the gaming community goes they still need to prove themselves. We have had nothing from them, and the first module was supposed to be accessible almost a year ago now. If we already had the TS module and they said they needed longer to add, for example, a bicycle shop, I doubt people would be complaining nearly as much. Once we have the base module, we know that Asylum aren't just false promises and so we will be more understanding if they need more time because we can trust that in the end their promise will be delivered. Comparing heists and Identity is just nonsensical.

Of course they have the right to make mistakes. That doesn't mean we need to just accept the mistakes and give them a free pass. If their mistake causes us to get annoyed, that is well within our rights. You seem to think that people complaining is infringing on Asylums right to make mistakes. That's just silly. They can make mistakes, and we can complain. Also I don't know how you think I am arguing through emotion instead of logic, I have not stated one thing that is opinionated, and if I have I have clearly indicated it as opinion. You are the one arguing with your emotions, which I will come back to later.

No one is saying we were forced out of our money. But we were told misleading facts which may have influenced our decision to buy the game. For example, we were told the module should be playable late 2017. Now, notice how I used the phrase 'misleading facts' and not 'lies'. This may not have been a lie, but it was certainly misleading. Even if we considered that the game may have been delayed, saying it should be playable late 2017 to a consumer means that even if we give the devs a wiggle period of 6 months, we should be able to play this game by June 2018. It is now July. This is not taking into account the numerous other promised deadlines, which only add insult to injury. 

As for your next statement, that is not entirely true. Faith isn't binary. You don't either believe in something or you don't. They stated their mission statement and right there and then people decided how much they believed in this game. And here's the best part, how much you believe in something can change. You might have believed in the game entirely when you read the Kickstarter. However after ever deadline being failed and little to no promises being delivered on, that faith starts to decline. Once that happens, you have every right to inform the developers about your concerns. You have every right to give lectures on how you think the game should be handled. Of course, Asylum have the right to ignore you, but you are allowed to voice your concerns in any way you see fit. On the contrary, a lot of people (myself included) started to lose faith but the gameplay videos boosted my belief right back up to where it started. 

Also, you mentioned that this game is taking longer than we anticipated. This implies we were the ones who set the deadline expectations ourselves and got annoyed when the devs didn't meet them. We didn't just anticipate that this game would have been out months ago, we were told it would be by the developers

If it wasn't for impatient people bugging them for more information, you wouldn't have the two recent Town Square streams. You are welcome. 

That is life. This is how it works in every industry, you need to make your shareholders/investors happy, because if they aren't they can withdraw their investment. Kickstarter isn't a charity, it is a funding platform. If people think they are funding something that doesn't even exist or that they don't believe in, they can withdraw their investment. So yes, it is very important you make your investors happy. That's the trade-off of crowdfunding, if they didn't want to have to deal with all of this they should have got a private investor. 

How exactly does this game leap bounds ahead of what any developer is doing? I mean, don't get me wrong, I am personally impressed with this game but let's not pretend it's some incredibly unique and different game that is miles ahead of the industry. It is just another simulator like Arma Life, DarkRP or any of those RP games. In my own opinion this game does it better than the mentioned games, but let's not pretend that it is some absolute gaming masterpiece. It is a good take on a more niche part of the gaming industry, that is it. Also I hope you are joking about wanting this game to take 10 years to develop. That is just sad. 




And finally I come to this. All throughout your post are little punches at my character and other ad hominem. Grow up. You say I am arguing through emotion, yet you are the one who clearly loses control throughout your reply. This sentence is just one of these attacks I found, but it adds nothing to the conversation, so leave it out in future unless you want to come across as a childish person who is mad that someone doesn't believe in their vision.

Seriously, I feel like there are some people on these forums need to realise it is okay to criticise. You don't need to praise everything the developers do and accept every mistake because you are afraid of admitting your investment was risky. You are allowed to be annoyed, criticise, and give negative feedback. It doesn't make you less of a person, and it doesn't mean you hate the developers. They raised $1.2 million. Some random forum users saying they are tired of waiting is not going to personally effect them at all. This is business.


Off topic, but is Keys a real life business or soon-to-be in game business?

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46 minutes ago, akomplice said:

Off topic, but is Keys a real life business or soon-to-be in game business?


The latter. I must say I am intrigued as to why you are asking.

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On 7/14/2018 at 6:32 PM, BobbyL said:

I'm OK with the wait but I personally have an issue with the devs take 2 day weekend breaks, taking off holidays, and I assume being out of the office by 5 pm every day.  This might be OK for an already established company that's on schedule to release their product or deliver their services but it's generally expected for a startup to go the extra mile and work harder than the usual 9-5 5 day work weeks, especially when they're so much behind schedule.  If I were them I'd make a little temporary sacrifice and work a little harder for the next year or two.  The game they're making has a lot of potential, it would be a shame if they under-deliver due to laziness or not willing to make short term sacrifices.  

Many business owers, startup owners, and even working professionals like doctors and bankers can attest to the fact that they need to work extremely difficult and long hours in order to succeed so it's not really unreasonable to expect the same here.


Who the hell do you people think you are? Personally I have an issue with pompous arrogant know it all's. I really cannot believe how much audacity some people have...How do you have the nerve to tell them how much they should be's seriously time to grow up and stop tellin people how do their jobs...especially in an industry that you have NO CLUE about. Buying & playing games, and reading Game Informer doesn't make you a foremost authority on how to make games...Especially if you comparing them to other people...EVERYONE ISN'T THE SAME! Who are you people to tell them how they should be getting things done?

I don't get it. Who died and left you Lord Of The Apes? Now your comparing them to doctors and bankers...? SMH...FACE PALM. I got the speed demon package, and I'm not here telling them how to do their job and make their game. The only schedule that they are behind their own, they set deadlines for themselves, no one else set them. Honestly, calling them lazy and not willing to make sacrifices is about as arrogant as you can get, short of saying you can do it faster...LMAO you're lucky I'm not a developer on this game, with your massively faulted way of thinking and logic, I would give you ur pledge back out of my own pocket and tell you to F off. Your comparing the making of video game work ethics, with those of doctors and bankers...yea you have no clue what the hell you are talking about. What is generally expected is...that when you are doing a project, that entails making a game like no one has ever made don't compare them to SHIT THAT's ALREADY BEEN DONE. You knob! 

It's not even my game and I'm getting pissed off. lol But I have invested a pretty penny to play this game. People like you aren't going to make this process any faster or easier if you keep spreading seeds of doubt. Honestly if it were to fail...I would blame the "supporter's" not the developer's. I might not agree with how they've done certain things, but it isn't my project, so I let them do them. When I'm doing my thing I don't like to be told how and when it should be finished...Especially by someone who has no clue or experience in what is being done. If you support them then you don't have to agree with their process, you just have to support what they are trying to accomplish. 

If we can give developer's like UbiSoft Rockstar etc...our undying support even after they screw up...with all their resources and experience then it should go without saying that these guys deserve the same. Considering that Asylum is attempting to make a game that not one veteran company has decided to take on. So please get off your high horse and either support the game or don't, but dont step from one side of that line to the other depending on if they are moving fast enough to not get your panties all bunched up.

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