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How's it going everyone? Thought I would stop by and drop a police department structure I've been adapted over the years of my Digital Policing career. Pretty much have been doing digital law enforcement for GTA 4 LCDPFR RP and GTA 5 FiveM RP for about 7 years and this is the system I have found to work best. A lot of this information is pulled from a Officer Handbook that I have compiled over time. Pretty much going to initially cover Rank Structure and Department Units, however if someone would like me to add in other information I might be up for it.



Rank Structure

Command Staff

Chief of Police / CoP ( 2ue4bsDhpnOy9T2GbqIJiyE6S4urOPyqSfyfjHyrmp1c2KTEyPmWfaSxZAngZ2pS_jcpyGu7vNfqysD-M8L3f-txmIgfbaJGTkHIMdnbMb2VCYVzYSvUn7SsbedJJIj14obLJCC0 ) – The Chief of Police (COP) is the highest-ranking officer in the Police Department. The COP is responsible for the planning, efficient administration, and operation of the Police Department.

Assistant Chief of Police / ACoP ( 3nQCO1AAclU4hDRigUkTJrhjhWr_0uLyXFdaSMSKjWlZPh2p0QLePVzW3PiBnA-aKEuZ4wlMLZ6rlmyXGPwmrrnNZMAe3bbJPlqrcQd7lHizrOtjODekN1tN4shmwcCsxaZjPksW ) - The Assistant Chief of Police (ACoP) assists the Chief of Police with management and operations of the Police Department. The Assistant Chief is the Officer in Charge of the department in the Chief’s absence.


Administrative Staff

Captain / Cpt ( yrYCna9iRxLixjq-mUco1xRU11OCHBqbDYydXjkv76FS7ddStttb8Np1KHGLq4DeClgaDiCQb5RZI31-kZ4Nm-4KtMNH7PasHS8qoKHduWPig11QIYBkSKOpp31478JWOPnN_hdn ) - A Captain is assigned a designated bureau (Patrol, Special Operations, etc.) to which they have complete power of for efficient management and control. May schedule bureau wide meetings.

Lieutenant / Lt ( OX4GaZYL1fci4tf1Riq5LkilW-v6El4a8SAcEGOekRSIFjx4hN3TNi2m9_x5ycJVjtwTT4LCmjFI_5tT-hKJzjBxNQiKsZYc5NHSMwQ0sXNAZ1z3hhEZivFbydqR42i_i6hyTmoI ) - A Lieutenant is assigned as an assistant to a Captain to help with management and operations of a designated bureau. A Lieutenant will take control of the bureau in Captain's absence. May schedule bureau wide meetings.


Supervisory Staff

Sergeant / Sgt ( JT0FrUrLYL6iccaCb7zjbDUvqnrS5o7RlmcLBPpeskfydgELFKFeuvTMTnfRo3nl6Z8o_JzNNpkiZAPGVxt9liUvvzu1Qvm2CtKkf03bf96brh10oansOdqAAiBMAPYk5dO5ZuxK ) - A Sergeant is the primary supervisory position in the department and is required to provide instruction to assigned staff in the operation of their required duties. The basic capacity of a Sergeant is patrol supervision, but administrative and specialized assignments are also available.

Police Officer III+I / POIII+I ( SoIORMuKb7a-5XunDn-R3kAaW5iqLpJeeAcldOzIr1ekjSTe7AemTQG2Mw_e6m4a1sYqKECvYSrfFkU-o9lbTpgKDBIsKyPCbH8uJ5UzmGtctvUaxkw3c4tlqv0LpxYtpk8YgF4v ) - After a month of being a Police Officer III and having served for three months in the department one becomes eligible to apply for the Supervisor Program. After passing the application and completing the interview they can embark on the Supervisor Program and receive their promotion to Police Officer III+I (SLO), a rank held exclusively by those embarking on SP. During this time, they will be tasked with basic field supervision and administrative tasks and will be mentored and trained by current Sergeants to become future Sergeants.


Officer Ranks

Police Officer III / POIII ( dGDoPBdxyItUZHdGVsTrTwGey3MzmZG8XvA5wKdvgdTviZDofLXIQomi0tGFRdHIonixd5pjodADAsHHoZZE9xNO5f7wxbcTzhclqn-j1G9_AnIzpAW0sW-O2UQZBJOEQteGJqFM ) - After a month of being a Police Officer II, an officer becomes eligible for the promotion to Police Officer III. A Police Officer III is responsible for enforcing laws and ordinances; protecting life and property; issuing citations, making arrests, preparing reports; meeting with community members; working as a team member; and providing information to the public and departmental units.

Police Officer II / POII - A Police Officer II performs basic duties such as: responding to the scene of a crime or an accident; interviewing suspects and witnesses; writing crime reports; responding to radio calls; monitoring any suspicious activity of ongoing crimes; coordinating vehicular traffic; visiting open businesses such as banks, markets, department stores, and service stations to establish a rapport with owners; booking suspects and evidence and transporting them to the appropriate Police Department facility; responding to citizens’ and visitors’ questions; and preparing Daily Field Activity Reports.

Police Officer I / POI - The next step in the career ladder with the Police Department is Police Officer I. It is the rank given to all officers upon completion of the Training Program which consists of the Police Academy and FTO Phase. This rank is considered a probationary position.

Cadet / Trainee - In the Police Academy, Cadets are taught criminal law, civilian interaction, and police procedure. In addition, they are trained in report writing, firearms, and driving. In the FTO Phase, Trainees continue to gain on the job experience and get one on one training with a senior officer. A Trainee will automatically advance to Police Officer I upon successful completion of the Field Training Program.




Department Units

Patrol Bureau

The Patrol Bureau is the front line of the force and the largest unit within the department. The Patrol Division is composed dedicated and hardworking individuals that work to ensure smooth and effective community policing. These officers are under the supervision of one Captain and one Lieutenant who oversee all operations of the division. All new hires are detailed to Patrol upon the approval of their application and will be guided to success by supervisors and fellow members.

Patrol Officers are responsible for patrolling the city, responding to routine calls for service, emergency responses, traffic enforcement, and maintaining a positive police presence throughout the city. Patrol Officers are the first point of contact for victims of crime and offenders.

Usually what I like to do with the Patrol Division is have a Sergeant as a Squad Leader that has 5-10 Officers assigned to him. Prefer to keep it no more than 5 for low work load with management of your team (tracking activity, giving addition training, mentoring, etc.). Each Sergeant would report to the Patrol Lieutenant or Captain.


Special Operations Bureau

Here's an example of some of the specialty units that have been deployed over the years. There are others that could be added to this list but its unknown at this time if Identity will have the features to warrant having those units. Officers are allowed to apply to specialty units after holding the rank of POII for at least 2 weeks. With specialty units most people are only limited to one. There are a few cases where multiple specialty units can be combined like Traffic and Canine. S.W.A.T. members can also be apart of other divisions since it is a part-time unit.

  • Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is a unit of Patrol Officers dedicated to traffic related incidents. From aggressive traffic enforcement, DUI checkpoints, accident response and investigation, to aggressive pursuit intervention, Traffic Unit is here to ensure the roads and highways of remain safe for all drivers.

  • Canine Unit

The K-9 Unit provides a team of highly trained Officers & Canines capable of performing a variety of functions from narcotics and explosives detection, all the way to tracking suspects.

  • Street Crimes Unit

Street Crimes specializes in both apprehension of criminals as well as crime suppression. Officers are field trained for crime investigation and crime interception. They also specialize in sting operations and work closely with the SWAT to apprehend criminals.

  • S.W.A.T.

The SWAT team responds to various tactical events such as narcotics and prostitution stings, "jump outs", active shooters, and armed robbery response. Officers are trained in various fields such as building entry & clearing, crisis negotiation, aerial deployments, and long-range marksmanship.



Administrative Bureau

This third bureau is usually monitored and lead by the Chief and Assistant Chief in smaller departments. In larger departments a Captain is put in place to supervise the lead officers of the Administrative Divisions. Officers are allowed to apply to FTO after holding the rank of POII for at least 2 weeks. Officers can apply to HR and IA at the rank of POIII.

  • Field Training Officers (FTOs)

Field Training Officers have significant additional responsibilities over and above their law enforcement duties when assigned to train a new officer. In addition to performing in an exemplary manner, while trainees closely watch, FTOs must slow their pace to review the purpose and detail of every new encounter. FTOs must guide trainees through a comprehensive curriculum that requires the blending of knowledge and skills, and the good judgement of when, where, and how to apply them.

  • Human Resources

Human Resources staff are tasked with processing applications, conducting interviews, and maintaining personnel data (important dates, disciplinary action logs, patrol activity).

  • Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs is a division of the that investigates and makes decisions on cases brought forward by the public regarding the conduct, actions, policy, procedure, practice, philosophy, service or legal standard of the department or an employee thereof.

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This is really well done! I haven't seen something this organized in the precinct probably...ever. The attention to detail is really amazing, I just hope this is followed through in-game because since there's nothing to actually play on, there hasn't been much decent police/FBI roleplay as of yet. Just a bunch of pretender cops that go on gang forums and threaten them with justice. 

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Posted (edited)
19 hours ago, Vincent_Luciano said:

This is really well done! I haven't seen something this organized in the precinct probably...ever. The attention to detail is really amazing, I just hope this is followed through in-game because since there's nothing to actually play on, there hasn't been much decent police/FBI roleplay as of yet. Just a bunch of pretender cops that go on gang forums and threaten them with justice. 


Yeah pretty much the few times I've served as Chief in a few GTA communities this is the format that has worked the best for me. Allows each person to have their own way to contribute to the department. Also divides up the work load a department needs to have to survive and prosper without one person becoming overwhelmed for trying to do too many tasks. Unless of course that is something they are interested in.

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Posted (edited)

Well done! I’d love to see this implemented in game

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