Screenshots of the Wepons |UPDATED|

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What weapons do you want for the police?

We have several topics talking about many things about the Identity Police!


In this topic we will talk about the Weapons that the police will use and suggestions of weapons that they can put.


In their twitter, some weapons that have been produced and modeled have already been shown, but will they be for the police or will it be for everyone to use?






From your suggestion of the weapons that could be put to the cops!


Put the gun photo as a suggestion





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I'd love to see MSBS rifle for S.W.A.T. teams. It should be a matter of personal choice on what rifle/shotgun and pistol they want to use, like M4, M416, Famas, AK74m, AK12, G36C and MSBS, but only in robbers are confirmed to have heavy weaponary. If not, CTs should have access only to MP5's, UMPs, MP7, P90 etc.

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