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Michael "Nines" Payne

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Full name: Michael Payne

Pronunciation: /ˈmaɪkəl/  /peɪn/

Nickname(s) or Alias: Nines

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 23

Birthday: 29/05/1995

Sexuality: Straight

Nationality: Mixed White English/ Black Afro-Caribbean

Religion: Christian

City or town of birth: London

Currently lives: Roseport

Languages spoken: 2

Native language: English

Relationship Status: Single


Height: 5’10

Weight: 89 Kg

Figure/build: Defined

Hair colour: Dark Brown 

Hairstyle: Dreadlocks

Facial Hairstyle: Goatee

Eye colour: Gray

Skin/fur/etc colour: Lightly Tanned

Tattoos: Right & Left Full Sleeves, Back & Chest, Right & Left Legs, Neck

Piercings: None

Scars/distinguishing marks: One Neck Scar

Preferred style of clothing: Modern Designer

Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: Chains With Pendant, Rings, Watches


Smoker? No

Drinker? Social Drinker

Recreational Drug User? Which? Weed


Psychology: Perceptive

Self-discipline: Militaristic 

Lifestyle: Fun-loving, Lives in the moment

Social attitude: People-oriented, Outgoing and Fast-talking

Honesty and honour: Has strong personal beliefs in right and wrong and Straight-forward

Emotional capacity: Takes people's emotions in around him and serves theirs before his own

Current emotional state: Inspired

Likes: Likes all forms of science ( business, martial and normal) a multitude of sports, Socialising

Dislikes: Dishonesty, Hearing people eat, Backstabbers

Fears/phobias: Failing, Snakes and Planes

Favourite colour: Gray

Hobbies: Martial Arts, Driving

Taste in music: If it sounds good I don’t care what genre it is


Talents/skills: Natural Leader, Business Savvy, Exceptional Driver

Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? If it’s got an engine I can drive it.


Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): Omnivore

Favourite foods: Mac & Cheese, Steak, Fried Chicken

Favourite drinks: Milkshake, Pepsi, Peanut Punch

Disliked foods: Sprouts, Fish

Disliked drinks: IRN BRU, Tizer


Describe the character's house/home: Modern, All White walls, Dark Wood Flooring, Simple but elegant furniture.

Significant/special belongings: My Car


Level of education: College

Qualifications: 11 GCSEs Including Maths, English and Science, 4 A-Levels (Business, Law, Psychology, Sociology)

Current job title and description: CEO Of Velocity Logistics & Skull & Bones Record Label


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Balanced

Fighting skills/techniques: Well versed in Karate, Boxing and Taekwondo

Special skills/magical powers/etc: High Damage Threshold

Weapon of choice (if any): M1911

Weaknesses in combat: Defence opens up when aggressing 

Strengths in combat: Unrelenting, Smart on the backfoot


Parents names: Tyson & Mimi

Are parents alive or dead? Alive

Best Friend: Harry Malins

Acquaintances: George Castelluccio, Andrew, Rhys, Sam, Banteel, Lamar, Chris, Benji, Aestrial, Popstar, Ryan, Sean, Jack Clasen, Jason Bourne, Lucious Times, Carlton Vale



Grew up in a normal loving family, and had wanted for nothing. As with every family, there's a brimful of tragedy. In general, until my mid-teenage years, everything was pretty normal.

In my mid-teenage years, I became more independent, I was always glued to the news especially looking at the markets like the FTSE 100 and the Fortune 500 companies. I always had a keen interest in business, I wanted my own company, I found had a natural ability to predict and understand what current companies were doing. That's when it all started, my head was in all the business books I could muster, I practically self-taught myself everything I know. It became a science to me, I had an interest in using all types of science to help me on my journey to the top, like martial science, using the ability of combat and meditation to channel my emotions in a positive way and teaching myself discipline. I also dove into business science, understanding why things happen in business and gaining the insight I would need to achieve the dream I wanted. I had to establish a motive for why I wanted this dream, but it was easy like most people I wanted the clothes, the cars and the houses. It was many years of this intense learning. With much still to learn, with nothing to lose and time moving on now being in my twenties, Harry my longtime friend and I went all in and started our company Velocity Logistics. The beginnings seem all good, but will we become one of those top companies, that's where my story is now, and where it really begins.

I have now moved into the political arena, where I have been appointed to the position of Business Counsel for The Royal Family Party. It is my goal to lead the way in business politics and be an innovator in Identity's business sector, using my knowledge and experience to inspire fellow business hopefuls and make a positive impact on the business sector. My goals are simple, I want to create a competitive and immersive business experience.


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