Blackburn Secure Transport Service (BRTS)

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What we do

A rather specific task to perform, the Blackburn Secure Reliable Transport Service (BRTS) supports banks in the form of transporting money between buildings via the use of armed personnel and armoured vehicles. BRTS attempts to remain as a technologically advanced mean of secure transportation that is the number one choice for transporting your valuable assets.

Our services

-Assisting banks in transportation of money or other assets.

-Other secure asset movement.

-Providing a safe temporary compound for assets.



Armoured vehicle asset transportation


Protecting assets inside a secure compound







No criminal records

Armoured Truck driver - Available - requires strict background check

Compound guard (will be assigned to patrol or be static) - AVAILABLE, also open to exterior security contractors (trusthworthy)

Armoured truck guard - Requires gun license - Available - also open to exterior security contractors (trustworthy)

Convoy drivers - follows armoured truck driver in a convoy vehicle (armed) - Available - also open to exterior security contractors (trustworthy)

Accountant/Logistics manager (One whole division) -  @CharlesGatti - logistics and accountancy manager





In game name (what you will be called):

Previous skills (altis life) if applicable:

Why you can be trusted:

Do you understand that strict professionalism and maturity is required when on duty:

Which division are you interesting in (see above):

Do you have discord (yes/no):



Identification: 8F895rc.jpg

Contact us

We're here for you banks!

PM me for more information or any inquiries / applications 



(The guys that you can make these logos with are pretty cool but they force you to link you back to them lol: )

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couple of things just to help out :)

Asylum has said that there isn't going to be armored vehicles (aside from swat (Possibly)).

perhaps work on the layout of your post in order to increase the look andprofessionalism of your business.

maybe come up with a single logo, from what i see at the moment you haven't decided on a specific logo for your company and instead your using multiple different ones. (remember a logo needs to be something memorable that by just showing the picture, people will know who it is (e.g. Apple, McDonalds).

(i too used Arma 3 for my images on my website and i gotta say, they are pretty helpfull :D but when you use them, perhaps consider using mods as well as more.... professional outfits (not that your uniforms aren't professional already, but the one inside the safe with the money... well, he looks a bit like a modern pirate)


of course these are just my opinions, it's your business, you can customise it however you like!

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