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Pay taxes and rent And Loads of other questions.

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So, i've not seen this anywhere. But here the question goes. Have you guys considered of the Renting of apartment. What i mean with that, if i buy the 500$ package, and i am very low on money. Does the state charge me money for having the apartment. If yes, do i lose my apartment if i don't have any cash. Would be kind lame if you spent 500$ irl on a House/Apartment. And suddenly you're out of money, and the apartment gets taken away from you.

The same goes for Cars/bikes/trucks/, would be ok if you don't pay the water or electric bills. So, i'm done talking about the taxes. Now comes the strange part. What about diseases or the flu. If you stay outside in the cold, for too long. Or even, drugs. And you suddenly get some kind of cancer, which has the inability of moving for very long. Or even worse, incontinence. What about owning children, kids, teenagers? Dogs, cats? "Suggestion, if there are kids in the game. Do not make it possible to kill, or hurt kids in the game." Maybe you can drive over them, but they stand up and run away. I don't know, are there gonna be any NPC's ? When there are such a few players online.. Will indentity have their own server? Will you be able to host your own server? Is the entire economy driven with actual players. What about noobs? That drive on every single obstacle they can find. And cause hundreds of dollars of damage? 

What about hunger, thirst? Someone should make a video, about every single detail there will be in the game. What about gravity? Falling, ice, slippery road, crashes. Will they be realistic? Well, that's enough for today. I'm getting tired of typing. Hope some of you have some answers for me. :)

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i pm'd you with all the clips i could find to help answer most of your questions because i wouldn't let me post links here.I hope you find them helpful :) 

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1) Apartments will be player bought rather than rented. This means there is only a one-time fee to pay to own the property and live there as long as you wish. Thus, the backer apartments are not possible to lose. Houses however have rent.

2) I believe vehicles will only have sales tax. Quite sure you cannot pay in increments or anything like that to get a vehicle in advance.

3) There are no water or electric bills. For houses, you could day they are incorporated in the rent, but apartments just provide it for you. So technically, there is no bills on water, electricity, etc.

4) There are no children in-game. No sex or biological children as well as adopted children. Pets however will be in the game.

5) The only NPCs in game will be the pets and any shopkeepers/cashiers whom you'd purchase items from.

6)There will be official servers as well as player rented servers. Players can not host their own server however. 

7) Economy is driven by players as the commodity market will represent.

8) There is a short tutorial required to get your drivers license teaching the player about how driving works in identity. If they just choose to troll and not obey the 'laws' in-game they will simply be punished for it in game. Through either losses in money or jail time depending on the event. Players are advised to be of at least 18 years of age to play, however there is nothing stopping younger.

9) There will be hunger and thirst but it will not kill you if you avoid it. These will only debuff you until you decide to eat and drink.

10) Gravity is intended to be as physics based as it can be.

11) No slippery, ice-covered roads.

12) Crashes won't be on par with BeamNG, but perhaps more along the lines of Grand Theft Auto 4. Only this time, you won't survive major accident. Choosing to not put on your seat belt has the potential to send you through your windshield and 'stuntjumps' will almost always result in your death.

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