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Here are the stream notes for Identity's twitch stream on January the 30th.  Remember - Certain elements are subject to change, especially specific numbers, etc...

-- Sorry I haven't done any steam notes for the past 30 days, have been really busy, but hope to start again now so people who can listen to the dev steams have an easier way of viewing them. 

-- Not much on this one as unfortunately the lead Devs had to be somewhere for half of it.


  • DLC:  None really planned, and only will be decided on after full release, as there are a lot of things to add before that.  If there is DLC, it will probably just be new Islands that you can possible fly to / take a boat to.

Module Language: English only for first module, as they want to get everything out first.  In full game, there will definately be many language options, and there will be servers that people will go to depending on how close they are to them geographically.  This could mean that there may be servers with their own languages, such as French servers developing.

FAQ: FAQ coming soon in discord, for an easier way to find info on the game.  FAQ is currently here:

New site: in development, with new FAQ and more.

In game purchases: You can not purchase in game money with real money, only things you can buy with real money are cosmetics, such as wallpapers for your house.  Possible vehicles and apartments may be purchasable, but they will be lower-end ones, not good sports cars etc....  Nothing good will be purchasable,  and the Devs are strongly against Pay To Win games.

Price of full game:  Planned to be around $40-45.  The Devs want it to be cheap, but not too cheap so cheaters can keep buying accounts.

System Requirements:  Optimisation will be a main focus to make sure most people can play it, but with very realistic looking items it may be a bit hard to run.  It is too early to say, as a lot of optimisation is still to come, so it’s hard to tell.  Possibly GTX970+

Can the community contribute to development?:  Not planned to have community help with making textures, and nothing is set in stone, but there could possible be events where people make textures for a contest that could be put in game.  

Clothing Types: Lots of different clothing types, e.g. baggy, type.  In Town Square, there will be mainly generic clothes from modern culture.  Past then clothes from different social groups clothing, such as what you would see people wearing in high school, will be implemented.

Production of clothes:  You can craft clothing and with a corporation you can mass produce clothing, e.g. with company logos on.  Clicking on clothes in the inventory will give some info on it, such as who created it / what corporation created it.

Clothing Layers: You can wear shirts, jacket, pants, shoes, gloves, 3 accessory slots (rings, necklaces) and a hat simultaneously.  There will be outfits that will be the whole clothing slots filled in one.

Religious Clothing: Undecided still, as not only could it be used in offensive ways, but it could break immersion, with for example an armed nun robbing a bank.  Still undecided and could still be added.

Day/Night:  Day/Night cycles will be in Town Square Module in March.

Jail/Prison Visits:  You can try and visit people in jail as jail is not instanced, but prison is so you can not just walk in there.

Pardoning: It’s still undecided if governors can pardon someone of their prison sentence.  It will be hard to implement due to possible abuse of power.

XP: There will be a sort of progression system, where for example if you cut a lot of wood, you can learn to cut wood faster.  The game will not implement people having an advantage over other people due to experience, and you won’t have to grind to your friends level to be able to play / do stuff with them.

  • Animations: Animation that require two parties require consent from the other person, e.g. kissing/hugging/ high-five.

Marriage: You can get married in game, but it won’t make much of a gameplay difference.

Negotiator: This job in the police force won’t be its own job but police can send one in to negotiate, and cops will receive penalties for harming/killing hostages.

Self Defence: If someone pulls a gun on you, and you kill them in self-defence, at the moment they haven't got a plan for it, as it’s hard to detect who the gun is aiming at, so its very difficult to tell if it was a murder or self defence.  A method will hopefully be added.

Healthcare: You will have to pay for doctors, but it won’t ruin you financially.  If you can’t afford the fee for a broken leg, you will have to find a way to fix yourself up, or go for a hop.

Robbery: When being robbed, there will probably be a pop up window to give the robber the money from your hand, that he is demanding.

Skiing: There are snowy mountains, so it can be added but probably on full release.

Fishing: Definitely a planned way to get food, and sell fish.


Link to Twitch Vod of stream:


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I think we get the video today its the last day of the month were did you hear 2 weeks 

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16 hours ago, kmk777 said:

I think we get the video today its the last day of the month were did you hear 2 weeks 

that would be killer!!!!

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