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    DONT BUY STAR CITIZEN its a pay to win game people spending 3,000-5,000 real money on ships and servers will be small only 100 max players per server and you need like 2,500 dollar computer to even play game......IF you want a space game DUEL UNIVERSE is going be good
  2. When will this game fully release (poll)?

    2 or 3 weeks yet for town square and the guns will go fast like 3 months and the cars like 6-9 months then full game beta testing for maybe 3 months then full game } lets add up the numbers around end of 2019 to the first 3 months of 2020 is my guess
  3. Game is not out yet we get a small part of game april 23 town square if you buy the 30.00 pledge

    I think we get the video today its the last day of the month were did you hear 2 weeks
  5. Micro-transactions in RPG will tottally kill it.

    I think everyone is trying to say is we are ok with the shop page we are helping make the game but when game fully done they should never offer cars/apartments again for real money....they will get lots money from steam sales 40/45 per game sold and they could sell small stuff like clothing for real money too
  6. Servers

    If the server is full just keep trying to log on like they do on gta 5 you dont need to join another server
  7. Mass purchase of pre-orders.

    why would they do that every man for them self buy the game or dont play it.....say they did that gave you that deal but after 4 of your friends ask for a refund the 5th person would get game free then......I dont think anyone will get a free copy even youtube people that would not be fair to the rest of us the game or dont play
  8. Name the World

    {Destiny Island} Each person can claim there own Destiny be a robber or cop........list goes on
  9. I think car insurance will only cover if your car gets stolen you would get it back.....If your car is damaged you will need to call tow truck and get it repaired......but if someone steels our car and smashes it up they should have to pay the repair cost but i am not sure how thats going work in game
  10. You forgot the main part to have others live with you they all need bed rooms too cant have 50+ people live in 1 small house and pay pennys each for rent
  11. House purchase

    You can buy 1 house live in it or rent it.If you rent it you have live in a apartment or on the streets=homeless or your car
  12. Will the cops be the only job that they can afk and get paid ? In the twitch stream last week they said cops will get a hourly pay...why would the other jobs have do tasks to get paid they should get hourly pay too + pay for tasks for all jobs.......If the cops are the only class that can get paid for afk 75% of server will be cops
  13. I new that its the + pay for tasks in my post.My question is a list of the jobs that will get a hourly pay it its just cops 90% of server will be cops easy money if all jobs get a hourly pay then its fair :}
  14. {What jobs in game will pay hourly}.I asked in the twitch stream last week if 5 cops chase 1 person who gets paid they said cops get a hourly pay + pay for doing tasks
  15. The full game Questions&Suggestions

    There is no hourly pay.You make money when you complete a task on your job the harder it is the more you make