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Found 2 results

  1. My Lil' Presentation

    Hey there everyone ! I'm Paulchartres, as you can see from my username, and my real name is... Paul. (NO SHIT)! I've been hanging around in these forums for a long, long time now. I've started following the game on January 2016, and at first I was kinda upset... A friend and I were developping a new Standalone RP game, based on gmod and altis life.. Guess what we found? IdentityRPG ! To be honnest, I immediately dropped the project and backed the game/... Can't wait to see you guys in the game ! Cheers
  2. Hello From France

    Hi everyone, It's only now than i present at you, but i follow the game since the beginning. So, for my presentation : My name is Michaël, I have 16 years old and in the 9 december, 17 ^^. So, my pseudo role play is Michaël Smith, why? I don't know but i love this idea lol. Hum... For my provenance, i come to France, Cannes. Now, for my roleplay history : When I was young, I had a pretty easy life without worries. My parents always gave me all the love I needed when it was needed. Despite this, I experienced difficult times, like when our familly home caught fire. It's completely destroyed and we had to live on the streets because my grand parents did not want us welcome. And it is the most difficult stage that I have overcome, because as they say, our wounds make us stronger. So I continue my studies later with the ambition to never relive such humilliante situations than the street. So I started to teach myself in real estate with the aim to bring happiness to my buyers and to ensure that he does happen to anything. I also put in the sale (in almost all areas) in computer science, hunt, and I also put in the bank. Now! I managed my life, I could linger with rollex and go to my friends without worrying about their return. But what matter the money my bank account was, I did not like the show. After attracting malicious people and i don't want it. Later, I married a woman who made me do 2 children and then she went to live abroad and is made kill in a bank robbery. Obviously I was sad ...for my sons ( I have actually 2 sons ). And I have a brother, which he converted to obscure groups, so I talk to him more. And for several years now just my birthday, about 24 years, so I would see what prepared me. %Identity blog% I am very sorry for my bad english, so if you want the original text, you can mp me.