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Found 2 results

  1. Offline Tutorial

    Once this game launches, most everyone needs to know how to play. An offline tutorial will: 1) Prevent server overload 2) Allow players to learn controls and functions before they get into a server 3) Give players a chance to test the game on their system and tweak graphics settings before entering a server 4) Get all the non-RP elements out of the way so that the player can RP from the start The tutorial would include basic things like character control, interacting with objects and interaction wheels, and driving a vehicle. Buying items in a store and going to the movie theatre can be learned in-game.
  2. Hi, I was wondering what would happen whenever you are not online. Will you still be charged for rent of your appartement / house if you have one or does nothing happen at all to your character? Or do you need to stock on food for a while so that your character can eat automatically if the system works like this? Are there other things that happen with your character, banking account, items, vehicles etc.. when you are offline? It's just something I was wondering. Thanks!