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Found 1 result

  1. New Party creation.

    Hello everyone. While some of you may know me from the business forums as the founder of Arachne clothing I'm here to start a party for the people who are more liberal minded. While the Conservative Coalition party is advertising towards those who are more conservative minded I'm here to see who would be interested in a liberal party. I don't have a name or a platform except for a few ideas. 1. More gun control: While the second amendment to the constitution (This is an American province i believe) does give us the right to bear arms people who own gu s have the power to hurt others and that power can be abused. So we need gun control to keep us safe from people whose aim is to do us harm. While some may see gun control as a way to "take your rights away" I see it as a way to keep us safe. Remember it takes restricting freedom to get more freedom for you. That's the basic idea of any government. 2. More federal government control: While local government is important as is our rights we need more governmental control. The federal government can standardize things and make it easier for everyone to understand and get proper restrictions on things to keep us safe. While I don't believe the government should have all the power the people should still have a difinitive voice. While we can get the details changed and more details created though a discussion. The liberal minded people should come together to form a party. My apologies if this isn't formated properly as I will be on mobile until Monday night (July 11th).