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  1. Booming Businesses Currently Developed

    Based on a cursory look through the forms Arachne Clothing is the only clothing store with four (4) "Fashion" Brands/ Businesses out there.
  2. Arachne clothing - It's the web of design

    Hello everyone, It's been a while hasn't it. Sorry for the poor upkeep of this site, but I have a few announcements that I feel were worth the update to this post. 1) you may notice that my name has changed from 'Willbk4' to FunAsh16 there is a very good reason for this and if you really want to know feel free to DM me and I'll give you that piece of information. 2) @Breezy121 Is our first designer in the store and we will have some "KEYS" brand items in the store as well. I'm sorry if that may not seem like much to you, but it really is a lot to me because honestly, I didn't really think this would get this far. Thank you to everyone who has continued to look at this page and be interested in it. Thank you -- FunAsh16
  3. Graphics Designer FOR HIRE

    Hello Breezy, I'm FunAsh16 (formerly known as Willbk4). I run a company known as "Arachne clothing". It's a clothing store which focuses on letting graphic designers the chance to show off their work while also earning money. Basically, you design some shirts (or other clothing) in game and I sell your shirts in the store. you get a % of the total sales. If you are interested feel free to contact me here. If you want more information here is the topic on the forms.
  4. List of Confirmed Businesses

    Arachne clothing Is going to happen ^^
  5. Arachne clothing - It's the web of design

    Hey everyone thank you so much for 360+ views! I know that I have been unresponsive and off the fourms for a while and I haven't been able to work on the concept art, but I do want to give you some explanation as to why I haven't been on TS or the site often. I am currently a High school student and was recently kicked out of my fathers house. I have been going through the process of moving to my mothers, but this takes time and while I am still planning on continuing with AC I can't necessarily be on often. I hope everyone understands. My sincerest apologies for not being on often. I look forward to the town module being released so I may set up the first official Arachne Clothing store.
  6. Hiya!

  7. Arachne clothing - It's the web of design

    Thank you everyone for 200 views! I'm honestly never thought I'd get even 100. Thank you to everyone who looked at the page and everyone who took interest in business opportunities! At 350 Veiws I'll release a sample of something I'm working on. I'll probably only be in concept art at that point though.
  8. New Party creation.

    Hello everyone. While some of you may know me from the business forums as the founder of Arachne clothing I'm here to start a party for the people who are more liberal minded. While the Conservative Coalition party is advertising towards those who are more conservative minded I'm here to see who would be interested in a liberal party. I don't have a name or a platform except for a few ideas. 1. More gun control: While the second amendment to the constitution (This is an American province i believe) does give us the right to bear arms people who own gu s have the power to hurt others and that power can be abused. So we need gun control to keep us safe from people whose aim is to do us harm. While some may see gun control as a way to "take your rights away" I see it as a way to keep us safe. Remember it takes restricting freedom to get more freedom for you. That's the basic idea of any government. 2. More federal government control: While local government is important as is our rights we need more governmental control. The federal government can standardize things and make it easier for everyone to understand and get proper restrictions on things to keep us safe. While I don't believe the government should have all the power the people should still have a difinitive voice. While we can get the details changed and more details created though a discussion. The liberal minded people should come together to form a party. My apologies if this isn't formated properly as I will be on mobile until Monday night (July 11th).
  9. Arachne clothing - It's the web of design

    @Mia_Smyrnoi Thanks for taking interest!
  10. Arachne clothing - It's the web of design

    @Herzog I'm aware, but I don't really have a direction right now, but I feel that I'll know when the time is right.
  11. Arachne clothing - It's the web of design

    @Herzog While it may seem gothy I'm honestly not totally sure what style I'm going for, but I'm thinking somthing along the lines of hot topic. Not totally sure though could go a different direction.
  12. Arachne clothing - It's the web of design

    @Luca_Santarelli My apologies for the delayed response I wasn't notified that something was posed here like usual. While I'm unsure of how leather will work or if it will be in the game I'm sure I can figure out something that fits your needs. While I can't guarantee that there will be a "nice" section of the store I do have this in mind. I honestly would love to supply nice suits and ties for the citizens of Identity. By the way if you have any general designs for the suits you want I can work with those until the game comes out and we have more info. If you have any further questions feel free to PM me.
  13. Arachne clothing - It's the web of design

    While I understand the whole spider theme seems weird the idea originated from Greek mythology specifically the story of Arachne who was a wonderful weaver who challenged a goddess to a waving competition and won or almost one (sources debate who won) so I chose Arachne because I love mythology and this fits with the clothing idea. Another thing that links to Arachne is spiders and Spiders have some of the strongest naturally produced webs. I'm including this tidbit because I want to provide high quality clothing to the people of identity. While I know this probably won't change your mind about the design or the logo I just wanted to provide a reason behind it. Either way I'm glad you stopped by and checked us out have a good day.
  14. Arachne clothing - It's the web of design

    That's completely understandable. Also if you have anyone that needs custom made clothes I'd be willing to see what I can do for them. @Herzog
  15. Arachne clothing - It's the web of design

    @Herzog If you have a design in mind I'd be more than willing to see what I can supply for your MC.