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Found 1 result

  1. Marijuana Growers Network

    If anyone is interested in starting a marijuana grow operation ring message me. All this will be a rough copy for now. Looking into making it a little more professional in the near term. Actual game features may change our organization. Growers United Purpose: Start a network of pot production, distribution for the purpose of money making. I hope also to expand the network to include middle-men to the gun distribution networks, setup a money-laundering operation. Recruitment: Prospective members must provide a monthly kickback to Leader, and provide information on other marijuana grow operations in the vicinity. Once the beta opens up I will try and layout our territory. Members may not have a criminal record to when they join. If a member does get themselves in trouble with the law, The leader will back the member with financial support and retribution is necessary. Methods: Hopefully we can integrate with known clean business to further our cause. No-No's: Anyone caught talking with Police or law enforcement will be dealt with "properly". Bring all concerns/problems to the leader first and they will be dealt with. Trust is a major asset. Respect for the unwritten rules of the underworld is a must. Structure: Boss: BernyBernhard Right hand Man : OPEN Treasurer: OPEN (deals only with the right hand man and the boss) Business Liaison: OPEN (only deals with the boss) Growers: OPEN (Will only deal with the distributors) Distributors: There are 3 main distributers positions open (Distributors will only deal with the right hand man) Dealers: OPEN (will only deal with the Distributors) **Note** I will starting to get more active shortly. Really just waiting to get into the town center and check stuff out. IF anyone has information on how the drug production game mechanics are going to work PM me.***