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Found 2 results

  1. K9 Officers

    Will K9 Officers be an option?
  2. Motor Cops

    Hello everyone! My college professor from last year is a retired motor cop and I asked him about being a motor cop, and from what I was told it sounded interesting enough for me to want to eventually become one once I'm an officer. So, until then, will motor cops be added to the game? I've seen plenty on people talking about driving motorcycles around the map, and using them for motorcycle clubs, gangs, robberies, and so on. I'm sure motor cops will be added, as someone needs to do traffic, and patrol officers can't do it all the time since they need to respond to calls for service. Perhaps they could manage traffic out on highways or country roads outside city limits. Any info on this is appreciated, maybe I should interact with Twitter more than once in a blue moon... oops. Cheers!