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  1. Motor Cops

    @Genesai Thanks for the info!
  2. How do we become cop and is there an age limit?

    Hi Camden! In regards to the age, it more than likely won't matter, you'll probably just have to pass through the other tests that police departments have, such as an interview, physical, and personality test, and then if you get through those you'll just have to go through the police academy. Then in regards to the Arma 3 question, this is it's own game that's all about simulating real life in a way. Think of it as playing the Sims but with a strong mixture of actual life, and that the character you make is who you play as. If you need more info there is plenty of videos on Youtube that will talk about it, and the devs on Twitter are very good about talking with people about the game. If that fails, there are plenty of users here, myself included, who'd be willing to help fill you in! I hope this helped, and if no one has said it yet, welcome to Identity! Cheers!
  3. Community Service Officer

    @notsocrazygamer Thanks for the reply, I'm quite glad you liked it!
  4. Motor Cops

    Hello everyone! My college professor from last year is a retired motor cop and I asked him about being a motor cop, and from what I was told it sounded interesting enough for me to want to eventually become one once I'm an officer. So, until then, will motor cops be added to the game? I've seen plenty on people talking about driving motorcycles around the map, and using them for motorcycle clubs, gangs, robberies, and so on. I'm sure motor cops will be added, as someone needs to do traffic, and patrol officers can't do it all the time since they need to respond to calls for service. Perhaps they could manage traffic out on highways or country roads outside city limits. Any info on this is appreciated, maybe I should interact with Twitter more than once in a blue moon... oops. Cheers!
  5. How will it work?

    I'd imagine you'd probably just put in an application with the department like you would in real life and then go to an interview with a sergeant if they like what they see, although I could see this being a community involved topic when you apply to become something like a commissioner. I don't know if the devs intend to add the personality test though, I personally hope they do, but just to a lesser degree, because that test has 100's of questions, and I don't see many people wanting to go through that to be a cop in a videogame. Cheers!
  6. Community Service Officer

    @Philosophy Man, that kind of brings me down a bit, but I guess you're right, the last thing we need are cops armed with just pepper spray going against cop killers who will be sprouting up in this game. Thanks for the post, cheers!
  7. Hello everyone. So, in my town, we have Community Service Officers (CSO) who drive in green cruisers and are only given pepper spray, and they are kind of like police, but they go to cold burglary calls (cold burglaries are burglaries of a home that happened while the homeowner was away, if you didn't know that), managing traffic accidents, and reporting activity that requires police or other first responders, and otherwise just going around town making sure people are doing well. For example, if a bank is being robbed, they will call it in and then just wait outside the bank, making sure civilians stay clear of the area and making sure the suspects don't go anywhere while police officers are en route. CSO's are required to have a High School diploma, be 18 or older, and have a clean record. This position is only part time in my town, I don't even know if other departments have this sort of thing, but this is basically more of a way to get a boost when you put in your application with a police department when you're ready to be an officer. So, I was wondering, would this perhaps be something we could introduce into the game? I know that having this sort of part time position wouldn't be as nice as being an actual officer, especially since you don't even get a Taser, and I doubt anyone would end up doing this since their age won't matter, or at least I don't think it will, when it comes to a game rather than an actual police department. So, should this be something that if it was implemented, we opened to civilians who are looking for a temp job? There are some people who may like Law Enforcement who wish to stay on the civilian side of life, or if the civilian recruitment wouldn't work, would putting officers who are going through the police academy into CSO jobs when they're not training work, or perhaps this could be a disciplinary action for officers who do something wrong. Let me know what you think about this, cheers! Here's a picture of a CSO car in my town, I blacked out the officer to the right because I wasn't sure if I should have kept them in or not.
  8. Police Equip. Customization

    Oh, okay, that's good to know for future reference then.
  9. Police Equip. Customization

    I should've said that the new uniforms would (hopefully) be automatically applied, or a message would be sent saying you need to get the new uniform, and that the chief could set up a times for different votes to accommodate officers with different shifts (day/night shifts) and days off.. sorry for not putting that in originally.
  10. Police Equip. Customization

    I know that the user KittyDeKarebu brought up the idea of police customizing their cars, "Will there be unmarked police vehicles? What police activities will there be? Will we be able to customize our police vehicles?", but could we perhaps have the chief of the Department select people who he or she trusts design the police vehicles or even the uniforms for the police? Then, after the chosen designers had created their own variations of the cars and the uniforms, the department could vote as a whole for their favorite designs, and to prevent a barrage of new police appearance, these department votes could be limited to once a month (or some other amount of time you all find acceptable).