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  1. Expand to console?

    There really is no need to say dumbed down. It is insulting to ppl playing on console and just starts drama. I went from 30+ years gaming on console, to high end gaming. There is way too much animosity towards console gamers and that has alot to do with why some consolers, wont go to PC, because of the stigma that your an idiot, for gaming on console, and cause you didnt pay 500-1000+ for a pc to game with more game, but same or worse graphics as console. If games are ported to console, which I hope does NOT happen with Identity, then it WILL be a much SMALLER, not dumber, version... We can clearly see how much extra content is added to games like GTA V when it went to XB1 an PS4 from 360 and PS3. Porting to PC from consoles, gained even more content in 2160p graphics, and the modding community, and whatever else. We are matter what platform you get your game on, we all get Square Eyes. Yes PC is better than consoles, in some ways not every way. They are better because you have more space, and a plethora of components to choose from. But you PAY for that extra like everything else in life. It's like gaming with a menu. Where console gaming is more express, like choose from door A B or C, Or gaming with a happy meal, or a value meal. It has all that you need but your choice is limited. For a long time I wouldn't even consider PC gaming because of the rivalry betweeen console and PC. Same as when I was PS fan and never wanted to play xbox. Till PSN got hacked and I needed to play something, so i switched to Xbox too. We don't argue with mobile gamers because our pc or console has better gaming than cell phones...why? Because it isn't about the best specs always. Gaming is about convenience sometimes. Cant bring your PC or console (realistically) to a bus ride or to work. Then comes Laptops...It's about choices and convenience. Can't we all stop the measuring and get gamers...
  2. Night Vision Goggles For Police Officers

    There is different equipment that comes with going thru specific career path. Swat members will have more adavnced equipment weaponry, and skills and abilities then your average beat cop. Same can be said for detective path, or DEA path or whatever they will call it. Everyone will not have access to the same things depending on the paths they take, for a will be able to be done by anyone, and I would assume if you get anything extra needed for said job. You would lose it after the job was done...I would assume.
  3. This would be a horrible idea, for ANY amount...If a game is perma is bad enough losing stuff to start over, let alone pay for another game, your a lil late that idea was taken years ago...they are called arcades lol. I can understand the worry of a toxic community, like is prevalent on gta v. I'm pretty sure that Identity won't have random server matchmaking, if they do, it will be an option. this should cut down on that aspect, when u can find specific servers that are listed how they intend to be played on. Although you don't wanna go to far in the other direction either. Ppl are so scared to rob a bank, or any other risky undertaking, cause you don't wanna have to pay for another life. Then it would be too vanilla and too close to real life in a not so good way.
  4. Google to Identity

    My vote is to call it Oogle...
  5. True PC Platform Defining Game

    Yea the devs WILL need years to do, make Identity right. Identity is like Sims and Gta V combined and then multiplied x 2 atleast. ROCKSTAR (Giant Triple-A studio) with how many employees, and money took how many years to make GTA V. And then on top of that, took a year or so getting the ports to PC and next gen consoles...Games like Identity are smaller teams that rely on prespective players to help if they want the game to not, either die, or need outside funding, cause games can lose their "identity" when a 3rd party whose creative criticisms have to be taken into consideration now that they are major investors. Not $30-$500, more like thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now they've gotten enough funding things should pick up a bit faster, especially with the new building they are moving into. I highly doubt they are still anywhere near Rockstar's size. There are games like NCG wreck that have been indevelopment, early access for 3 or 4 years, I believe I heard. They now have THQ Nordic taking over and overhauled the entire game, the menu's got some nice organization but the game physics and mechanics took a hit, imo. Rather than let it die, they let a bigger company take it over. And lost some say in the creative process for that. NCG is actually a good car derby/racing game. Another game that suffers on pc, because a small team didn't get the support it needed from players, not because console game drag down pc game development...because not enough spoiled pc gamers got behind it. If we don't start getting some more than bare minimum pledges, it's gonna take a long time to finish and/or never see the light of day, or have someone else bigger step in and possibly change alot to MAKE MONEY!
  6. DEVELOP Games to be Games Not A Fucking PR station

    The problem I've found with gaming today...Not many play for fun, or just to kill time...there are alot of people who use games to prove their self worth. What happened to the days of people proving ther skills on games they play. Now it's all about the WIN, like it's an olympic event. And alot of times they can't even win based off skill. It a bunch of people hiding and shooting people in the back, or exploiting a games bad mechanics, just to pretend they are good, cause they won... When I started gaming, and I still play this way. It was never about taking the easy win. It was all about goin in balls deep, and coming out with the win based on skill and teamwork. Genuinely skilled players wouldpurposely put themselves at a disadvantage, so they could test or prove their skill. NOW people find the easiest mark and repeatedly take advantage of them being not as good, so they can brag how much skill they have...cause they killed some jamook noob 50 times in one game. It makes no sense. My experience in PC gaming is the graphics are amazing but the people, for the most part, have really rubbed me the wrong way. They are self absorbed and argue about the dumbest stuff that don't even make sense. It's sad to say the state of gaming has changed, it's not about fun apparently, it's about winning every game you can, for ever and ever, no matter what exploits are needed. I would venture it's not so much the games but the fakes playing them. Every game is repetitive in a way, all of them.
  7. Well when someone asks if they can run Ark, it doesn't always mean in the lowest possible settings, When I ask it, and other people who play in 4k, ask it. That is what it means. Why do I need specs for low end PC if I'm high end gaming? If you know me, or are familiar with me. I've said I play 4k alot. So that statement is not true for people like me. Just cause most people are still using 1080p doesn't mean that's the specs everyone always wants info for. You can't say that statement is true if it's only for the lowest settings specs being used today, just cause that's still what most have. If you really want to answer that question, honestly you need to know how they want the game to look. If the question was...if I want Identity to run in low to med settings would these specs run it, then that statment would be true...But for me, it isn't true. Because I don't play in 1080p anymore. Which is also why I said spec recommendations need to be updated to encompass the resolution your goin for with what settings. I didn't save up and get a good PC for low end recommendations... If specs weren't like it's console and there's only one swt up being played...I might've saved up a lil longer, and gotten 2 1080ti instead of having the set up I do now, if I knew my set up couldn't truly push 4k @ 60fps on almost every game, if not every game. I figured since everyone was saying my planned set up to play identity was overkill, I figured I was well off... But no everyone assumes you play pc for 1080p console quality graphics on games, as long as you can still call yourself a pc gamer. But if I, or anyone else actually wants the most from their PC, and wants to play games in 4k my set up will not push identity they way I want it...Not the way "most others" that can't afford it yet or think 4k isnt an improvement somehow. For US that statment is not true. How did PC gaming become assuming everyone plays the same way...Isn't that why you PC game so much choice, so many more options than consoles... This is also the problem with mixing kids and adults with anonymity, because you guys start talking and you really don't have the experience you think you guys do...I was a kid once too, im not anymore, I'm still learning stuff everday. Oh everyone cant afford to spend blah blah blah...Well pay attention in school, get a jobby job and save up...when your my age you will be able to afford more than when you were 15-28. This is not an insult. It is not an insult to be young and not have experience. It's a fact of life...I don't need anyone busting my balls about showboating, or insulting anyone youth...there is a reason people say..."If I knew then, what i know now". It would be just as niave of me to assume everyone can afford 4k...I just know the current spec recommendation system needs revamping. You got low, med, high settings for each of the 3 major resolutions. There aren't any 8k out there yet, but eventually that will need to be included in PC specs as well...Guessing maybe 5-7 years from now 8k will be more accessible to the general public.
  8. Like I said it all depends on how you want it to look. If you want the best possible quality picture, highest definition, then HELL NO that won't do. If your playing console quality graphics, then...maybe...? Although I dont grasp why people would spend $1000 for a PC that plays as well as consoles but, to each his own. I have a gtx 1080sc I play everything in 4k, my monitor is only 60Hz, so I don't need anything higher than 60 fps, but 8 million pixels is alot of picture to refresh 60 times a second. Personally I highly doubt it would look good with a gpu like that, but some people just need to play, and don't care either way how it looks.
  9. I can tell you alot more than I could 6 months ago, when I got my rig. But that statement "if you can run Gta, arma 3, or Ark, you can run Idenrity" Is SO not true...atleast not in every case. I cannot run Ark in 4k in Epic unless I have Razer Cortex running. I was at around 17fps BLAGH! After razer cortex mid 30-50's. Optimising has alot to do with how well games play on different components.
  10. Alot of what specs you will need really depends on how you want Identity to look. The gaming industry really needs to go over the spec system they have now. You got different specs for 1080p, 1440p, 2160p and they all should have 3 levels each...1080p low settings specs, 1080p recommended settings specs 1080p optimal settings specs. The same for 1440p and 2160p low, recommended, and optimal. I play games in 4k I don't want console graphics on a $1000 pc. But that's just me everyone has their preference, But my specs are gonna be leaps and bounds different from someone who wants the lower end of the spectrum.
  11. Which to buy?

    Am I the only person who thinks this deep? I am new to PC, since March, and since I jumped to PC Gaming, I've noticed alot of complaining about console games bringing down PC game quality, which is not true, mostly because consoles get their specs tweaked till they squeeze out every bit of performance they can. PC's on the other hand have so many components, and there's more coming out all the time. So it's longer process to optimize for games on so many parts. We get most games for $60 on console whether they are good or not, worth it or not. They are also made by Triple-A studios with hundreds or even thousands of employees working on 1 game. PC gamers have the unique opportunity to help these games that can really set PC gaming apart from console gaming. I hear alot of people bragging about how little they spent to get the game and/or modules. If you guys really want to see this game come to life... Think about the sheer scale they are attempting to make Identity, with a way smaller team than that which created Gta V, and I feel it's WAY more than 2x the game of Gta V. They are relying on the perspective players for support, they are gonna need millions of dollars to make this dream come true...I played on consoles for 30+ years. I bought a HEDT, just so I could play Identity. I dropped 250(money I set aside for some games when I got my rig) I pledged based on what I think its goin to need from people, based on sheer size. If we get lots of people to pledge 100 or higher this game will move alot faster...cause we ALL know money makes the world go round. It sucks but it does. I've also recently pledged 75 to another game that's in development. It's a much smaller game and doesn't require as much support as I believe Identity will. Unless they bring in outside help, then us gamers will lose alot of our power to help mold it, as whoever keeps the lights on usually gets their opinion heard. Right now they can truly make the game WE want them to make, but if they don't get the support they need from us, they will have no choice but to seek outside help and give ip alot of say to a new partner, or call it quits...So I say buy less junk food, or one or 2 less games, or don't buy those snazzy new kicks yet. Save up and help as much as you can to see it become real. Not as lil as possible so you can still get in on early beta and get the game. I think a game of this scale and what it can do for PC gaming and the MMORPG genre, deserves better than bare minimum, and it need more than that from us...but that's just me, and my 25 cents...
  12. I've got a question.

    Yes there will be an entire map full of purchasable, or rentable, houses and apts. Houses can only be owned by one person at any one time, on a specific server. Going to another server houses will be owned by different people. But apt buildings will be limitless housing, in a sense. As long as it is a residential dwelling it will be available to rent or buy. This is one thing I never got about GTA V...Why they limited where you could live. I didn't see why they didn't have any residential house for people to own and live in, around the map. Then there would be more spread out pools of people. Instead of have like 20 places where u could buy a condo...all over the map. From the lil house in the stix to the sprawling mansions, and everything in between. I really cannot wait for this experience to begin, the anticipation is killing me. I just want to start exploring, and looking for hidden things in the world as I play.
  13. What's your Steam account?

    You haven't gotten a PC game game yet...omg dude don't rob yourself...Yea, when/if Identity releases it's gonna be an awesome experience. But believe me when I tell you that there is a whole world of gaming you are missing out on, while just waiting. I have a few suggestions to help keep your mind off of waiting for Identity...BeamNG.Drive, Spintires, NCG Wreckfest, Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Gta V, PubG, Sniper Elite 1- 4 Games. I can't wait to experience Idnetity but Getting some other games in the meantime helps relieve the anticipation alot.
  14. I think identity is going to be 4 Xbox One x

    Consoles are one set up of components, PC has passed consoles in quality, when consoles get better so will PC's. Pc's have so many different types of configurations of components...there is low end, mid range, and high end specs. Consoles are by generation.
  15. Ive seen alot of ppl asking for minimum requirements...Im just trying to be helpful, as i had this problem for the last 2 weeks. So if this isnt helpful, plz accept my apologies. They havent released minimum specs yet, as far as Ive seen. This build will be able, if you can afford blowing $2800+ on a gaming rig, to handle anything that Identity can throw at you including VR & 4k. From what I've been told, Im future proof for atleast 5 years "supposedly", hopefully thats true cause I dont know. Monitor: Samsung (UE590) UHD 4k 1ms response AMD FreeSync Main Tower Components: CPU: Intel i7-7700k Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Superclocked Gaming ACX 3.0, 8GB GDDR5X, LED, DX12 OSD support Hard Drive: Seagate Constellation 2TB 3.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s 7200Rpm 64MB Solid State Drive: SanDisk+ 480GB SSD DDR4 Memory: Viper Elite Series DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 2400MHz kit Mobo: ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 2 LGA1151 DDR4 HDMI DVI M.2 USB 3.1 Z270 ATX Power supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 850 B2, 80+ Bronze 850W Semi Modular Tower: Corsair Crystal Series 460X-Tempered Glass Compact ATX Mid-Tower Case. At this point I was around $1500 or so, not including monitor($399 at Best Buy). Obviously this is not the best or worst build, I'm sure there's room to wiggle lower end, cheaper components. And still handle Identity. And we all know theres Lots of room for improvement on this rig. Now on to some added accessories and other goodies. Basic Needs: Keyboard: Razer DeathStalker Chroma- Multi-Color RGB Membrane Gaming KB Mouse: Razer Naga Chroma Speakers: Logitech Z313 Speaker System Custom looks parts: Cooler Master hyper 212 LED CPU Cooler with PMW fan, 4-Direct Contact Heat Pipes, Unique Blade Design, Red LED's Thermaltake Riing 12 RGB LED 120mm Adjustable Color Case Radiator Fan, Triple Pack eTopxizu Computer RGB LED light Strip w/remote control Xbox 1Wireless controller w/wireless adapter for Windows 10. All said and done i spent 2405.77 on the PC and an extra $400 for the 4k Monitor. I hope this helps anyone that might need a refrence point to go off of...
  16. Example of a solid build for Identity

    AlL my games look better than yours in 1080p @144Hz then my mismatched card and monitor with only 60fps...jealous much? Are you mad my mismatch shit out performs your precious 144hz shitty 1080p monitors...
  17. Example of a solid build for Identity

    And again with the stupid "he has a nvidia card and amd monitor...Get passed this, I've already explained this time and time again...
  18. I think identity is going to be 4 Xbox One x

    Xbox One X is NOT a gaming PC. It is a gaming console, it might be a 4k console. But they are going to use budget parts, and spend the next 5-10 years optimizing it, so they can squeeze as much performance out of it as they can. If it was a gaming PC, it would look like my tower. Just cause consoles are finally getting 4k, just means those PC fanboy poser "console killers" will be obsolete, does not mean that consoles will be on par with PC's. Even 4k on console will not be as good as on PC, there just isnt enough pushing it. Some games, your just gonna have to pony up some dough and get a PC to play. I've been on console for more than 30 years, now that I'm finally here playing pc, even I realize some games deserve to be on PC and NOT console. Because console can't really do them justice. Arma III is one of those. Identity is definitely another. Consoles just couldnt handle it. Have people noticed how much extra stuff you can do from GTA V on 360 and PS3 to when they ported it to XB1 & PS4. Then all the extra mods when it was released to PC finally. It's kinda like stepping up. If they made consoles as powerful as PC's, they would be just as big, cost just as much, and wouldn't be consoles anymore. And if they tried making mini pc consoles they would charge a small forture. Look at how much phones cost now. Consoles are basically the middle ground equipment, then they spend the rest of that generation optimizing it as much as they can. Maybe when console companies put a mini gtx 1080 in them and more processing power. I mean you gotta give it to consoles game makers they can take a console and spend a fews years with it, and learn how to make games way better than it was at first, they just learn how to optimize everything better, and squeeze out all the performance. Just look at the difference between the 1st GTA released on PS 2 compared to San Andreas. For us it's different than it is for them, for them it's business. As long as money rules the world, as long as Console game makers getting mostly $60 for their games, and as long as ALOT of PC gamers wanna pay as lil as humanly possible for their games but still want them to outshine consoles so they have something to brag about...It won't ever change.
  19. The devs had said this many times, how is this still being asked. Console port(s) is something they hope to look into in the future, but as it stands now it's not coming to consoles. Honestly I played consoles for 30+ years, I don't see this game ever coming to consoles, they just can't handle what this game intends to be, as they stand now and in the forseeable future. This is one of this games that can truly set pc gaming apart from and not be held back by consoles. I think it should be left that way.
  20. Example of a solid build for Identity

    Seriously go complain to You Tubers and streamers that make videos about their $140k 8k camera problems, new super cars, or million dollar houses, and they love you, you make it possible, and they throw you(us) a crumb for giveaways. I find it hilarious that a helluva lot pc gamers, will throw it in a console players face about their glorious console killers. Then wanna get their panties twisted when they think it's being done to them. Lots of people could feed their families with the money that is wasted in this country, and hoarded by rich greedy people. Go whine to them. I've busted my ass my whole life to get where I am, and I've EARNED what I have. I didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth either.
  21. Example of a solid build for Identity

    Has everyone forgotten that your specs needed to play games depends on how you want said game to look, and at what resolution and refresh rate is required for that look. I've noticed everyone on PC just blurts out "what specs will I need?", and yet the specs required to play games on low settings aren't the same as the specs for the settings I want to run at. I'm really new to PC and I see how different, specs are for different prefrences. Like minimum specs for 1080p and 1440p and 4k are completely different, plus how many fps do you require? For your 60, 120, 144, or 240hz monitors and TV's. I've only ever seen minimum and recommended specs listed. I can tell you the recommended specs for gaming in 4k are substantially different than recommended specs for 1080p. Like pc is console gaming and one spec fits all. There are so many levels of PC gaming there needs to be levels for specs. 1080p minimum, recommended, best settings specs. And the same for 1440p and 4k. As far as your specs running Identity, I Honestly couldn't even tell u, if it makes you happy then roll with it. From what I've seen of this game, anything more than 1080p on low-med settings, will require a substantially better PC. Personally I don't play PC for console quality gaming...I played console for 30+ years, I've gotten my fill of what I can do on console. It was time to expand my horizons. I got a PC for what consoles can't do. As of right now Identity won't be doing console. You know, with 4k consoles on the horizon I been wondering what all these "PCMR" fanboys will do once 4k consoles crush their console killer pc's...IMO this is the logic of alot of "console killer" "PC" gamers. You don't go and buy a replica Lambo body with a honda engine and transmission, just so you can jump on the Lambo bandwagon and make fun of people with honda's. You save up, and be proud of that honda, and get a real Lambo. Then make fun of all the fanboys that were posing to make themselves feel bigger. So far my experience with ALOT of PC gamers is very fake in general. Anonymity really makes the worst come out in alot of people...Seriously sifting thru so many angry ignorant people, to find the few actual gamers in a sea of trolls, is taking it's toll. Why is it people that usually talk crap about PC's being better than console's are usually the ones bragging about how lil they paid for their "pc's"'s almost like talking crap to console gamers makes them feel better for dealing with low-med settings lol. Identity needs to come soon cause besides the awesome graphics upgrade I'm quickly losing faith in PC gaming. Sry for the rant it's been awhile since I stopped in, so I figured I'd make up for it all at once.
  22. Example of a solid build for Identity

    @DeGoot You speak like your young, lot of animosity? I wasn't "going for" a Nvidia gpu and an AMD monitor, it was my 1st gaming pc, and I asked alot if all my components would work well together...G-sync apparently wasn't as known as it is 6 months later. But I asked, and from some of the horror stories I've heard, ppl getting their 1st pc. It coulda been worse than having a monitir and gpu that dont sync using a relatively new technology. Plus it was a $400 cheaper 4k monitor than the one I wanted that was G-Sync. You ever make a mistake...? Happened to me once... Please stop, you don't know what you are talking about. Yes the is a hugh difference between a 1080p picture with gsync, and even a 4k picture without gsync. G-Sync only really means that my card and monitor will refresh in sync, maximizing optimization, for the best possible picture. There are also about 6 million differences, they're called pixels. I moved up with Tv's as they did, but I didn't buy a new Tv every year. I used to not see the big deal about going to HD(1080p) from SD (480p). I went from playing ps3 on a 27" Sony CRT TV to my 1st HD Tv 1080p Sony Bravia 40". That was 2007-ish and I never went back. If you think the difference from 480k to 2 million pixels is good then yea. Games look like cinematics in 4k, there is a huge difference! There is 4 times as much picture! I know your type of gamer too...typical PC fan down down to consolers, think your better than others, it's obvious in the way you talk. Probably got a pc "console killer". Just barely a gaming PC so u could jump on the pcbandwagon. Don't argue about technology not being good because you can't afford it. 100 fps is where u ALWAYS wanna be? Really? Cause I'm pretty sure the industry standard in 4k is 60fps right now. They have faster monitors but are very expensive, but we are really limited by gpu's right now as far as fps in 4k. My monitor refreshes at 60 Hz so playing at 100fps is literally throwing away 40 fps. My picture looks amazing, even though I can't sync to my gpu. Just means I fiddle with the graphics settings a lil more. Does not mean they don't work at all together. It's a great 4k monitor for a budget...hold up...Isn't a budget why you got a "good enough" PC. A PC that was "good enough" to make you puff out your internet anonymity muscles, bragging to console gamers... You keep thinking that your 1080p "console killer" will keep u on the pc bandwagon. I played on console because it suited my needs. I waited till I could afford the PC I wanted. I didn't need a "console killer" I'm not trying to prove anything...I here to play PC games. I am a gamer...I go where the experiences are. I don't limit what experiences I have because of bandwagon blind loyalty, and it makes me feel bigger than those that game on console, or anyother platform. I don't compare PC to console, there is no camparison, that's what posers do. PC gaming is like the major leagues of gaming. There is just so much more. But you picture quality is limited. This isn't a measuring contest. If you were a real gamer it would be about playing games, not where you play them. I encourage my console gamer family & friends to get PC. And not because it will give them a few extra inches bragging rights. Because it's another way to experience what we ALL love to do...take a break from reality...and play some damn games... (crowd goes wild) Mobile gaming has a bigger market share than PC and console combined. Obviously it's better to game on console or PC...but it's about gaming and convenience. I actually was a consoler that wouldn't even consider pc gaming cause of people like you. You just want to bully ppl to feel better, to justify spending more than a console to play games at console level on a "pc" lol. Thank you for not talking to me...saved me alot of time trying to pull your head from your ... & trying to make you see how wrong and naive you are. Seriously it's like you saying that 480p with G-Sync, is better than 1080p without it..."it's up to you" lol Did I go from 90's Tv's to 4k? Really? Did u read or just skim? I used CRT Tv's and the huge gain in definition to 1080p, as an analogy to the difference between 1080p (1920x1080) and 4k (3840x2160). Seriously it's more than the difference between 480p to 1080p. The more pixels you can use to make a picture the better it will look. More layers means much more dimension. Games look almost photorealistic. My i7-7700k, Asus Tuf Z270 mobo, gtx 1080sc, 480gb SSD, 2TB HDD, 16GB DDR4 @ 2400MHz, says that I load in pretty damn fast. I play games for the experience. For me I want the best picture, highest detail I can, I want my games to look great. You want your games to make you look great. We game for different reasons...
  23. Example of a solid build for Identity

    Dude that's gotta be the longest run-on sentence I've ever seen...punctuation helps. I thought I was bad with my structure. If I'm reading it right, which I'm not sure if I am, but where did anyone say they were better because of the PC they have. All I said was that 4k is definitely worth having, and even though I don't have the best 4k set up, it's still an awesome upgrade. And imo the Epitome of being on PC to begin with. So far I can play any game I own at atleast 30fps. Most 60fps and I still say it's more than worth the upgrade to play in 4k.
  24. Example of a solid build for Identity

    Actually, I'm here to tell you that 4k is very much to recommend. Right now going 60fps is where it's at in 4k. There aren't any single gpu's YET that can handle 4k at 144Hz. Yes my card and my monitor are not meant for each other, but only in the sense that I can't link the frame rates. My monitor was also 3-400 dollars cheaper than the current g-sync 4k monitors. And saying 4k isn't good is like saying going from 480p to 1080p wasn't good. Your literally going from 2 million pixels to 8 million! That's FOUR times the picture (definition) than current 1080p monitor...If You can't see a difference you need some Coke bottle glasses. Trust me, I used to be one of them. I used to love my Sony "Flat" CRT Tube Tv. There can't be that much difference to warrant that price...I was wrong...And I'm here to tell you. Even without the link the picture is AMAZING! So much sharper, tighter, crisp. The PC I have is a beast and was well worth what I paid. I play all my games in 4k. Anything more than 60fps is a waste though. Games almost look like movies. I played GTA V on my PS4 on my 50" 1080p led smart tv. And there was HUGE difference in 4k GTA V on PC. I haven't touched my console since I got PC. Eventually I will upgrade to the 1080ti and do a giveaway for my 1080sc, the bigger Vram helps with the 4k experience... But >>>In my opinion<<< if you ain't in 4k you ain't playing PC. I can boost clock to 5400MHz Mem clock and 2100MHz gpu clock. Which pulls certain games into the high 30's low 40's. Like Witcher 3, looks spectacular on PC, Wildlands, Dying Light. I got 9 fans and it's actually really quite, and stays below 70 C, usually 67 C. I'm 40 in March, So if you get to be my age and the most you can buy is a HEDT you did something very wrong...My car and my PC are my only 2 material posessions worth anything. So I hope ppl strive for more than that for an achievement.
  25. Can Vehicles Be customized?

    I really hope Identity doesn't half step it with the customizing like gta v did. I was always disappointed in how restricted the customizing aspect was. I think they'll knock it out though, so fingers crossed!