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  1. They want players to be in most positions, NPC's would be in the most boring uneventful areas. I believe
  2. I believe that it was said in a video on YouTube that there will be very limited npc's in certain roles, but i could be mistaken. I think it would be fun being a guard at a prison, for actual cops to have to come deal with jail or prison issues, would be alot of hassle. I think a C/O job could be fun, if it was done right, especially since some of the jail and prison guards get paint ball guns to pelt rowdy inmates. Lol
  3. Town Square Screenshots! [UPDATED APRIL 2017]

    What is the discord server?
  4. Auto Theft and Breaking into vehicles?

    Yep thats definitely the simpler way lol
  5. Auto Theft and Breaking into vehicles?

    I definitely think that to keep with the realism theme, car theft should definitely be an option for the criminal aspect. As you CAN steal cars in real life, but its not the skill set of any old John Q. Public. I know theres alot of police officers that jave offered their knowledge up for the developers to pick their brains, So i can offer my aspect from the criminal perspective. Theres a few different ways you can break into a car, but to what end. Will there be a criminal enterprise that can actually chop up a car, and distribute parts, or change out VIN numbers and clean papers? Or will u just be able to steal a car to joyride, or if ur trying to escape the police? You can steal a car the brute force way, smash the window, hotwire the car, and go. If there is an alarm system, that must be disabled before hand. This is assuming there will just be keys to start ur car. I can't imagine they will go as far as chipped keys, that you physically cant start the car without. Or will they? If the car is expensive enough? Then you got the professional way, jimmy the door, bypass or disable alarm, start car, take off. If its an expensive car it should have a more sofisticated system to bypass. Or it will be, if its expensive u just cant steal it. Probably be simpler to only be able to steal middle to low end cars, as it can become a pretty complicated system if u try to make it too real...Wow what a mouthful
  6. Server cost?

    What i meant by "ballpark figure", is games that have the option to rent servers , whats the average price for something like that, or whats the high end and whats the low end
  7. How You Doin' from L.I. N.Y.

    No thats awesome, thanks for the advice...i tried to play Second Life on my wife's laptop, It Barely made it, and it looked like ps2 graphics. So im gonna have to go buy a whole gaming computer. Im getting a 4k TV so i want a system that can utilize 4k
  8. How You Doin' from L.I. N.Y.

    I am not computer savy in any way whatsoever, Is there any specifics as to what kinda graphics card i need? This looks to be way more involved than GTA could ever be on console. What are ball park guesstimates for how much this system might run me? Are there certain places I should go to or stay away from when looking for a gaming computer? Will we be able to design our own cars? I've always wanted to put my car in a game. I know ur not going for licensing on cars so what will the process be for vehicles, and design?