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    I find it very patronizing and rather ignorant from members of the identity community like yourself and other 'leading political figures' (in reality you're no such thing) that claim to know how to stimulate the national in game economy and to provide decent policies in regards to quality of life when you haven't even stepped foot into a server or know how the game works. The first thing people like you will do is announce your candidacy without gaining valuable in game experience that people who run for office should have. It's patronising in the sense you're talking down to people like you have the answers to the current non-existent problems. In the real world, career politicians are CANCER and have made the world a worse place claiming they sympathise with the real people without living and experiencing the 'real life' instead of a political bubble, plucking policies out of the air. So how about starting from the bottom, experience the game, live the game and most importantly LEARN the game before you lead it. Whatever happened to the government being from the people? As far as I'm concerned there shouldn't be candidates until the game has been released! But due to there already being some I'd say you're one hell of a flawed candidate before the game has even entered alpha.
  2. How will it work?

    Greetings my fellow citizens of identity! I have to open the discussion regarding the layout of the political system in identity, as reading through the forum posts I can't seem to find answers to my question of "How individuals participate in the political process". Will individuals be elected to stand for a political party like we do in the US? i.e. primaries and debates? So players can join together to create an official party (for example the Democrats and Republicans) and meet to create policies to then present in the election? Or will everyone be standing as independents in attempts to run as Governor? I'm rather curious, as if the party system is the direction it would most certainly make for an exciting political process! Regards, Cameron! Hope to see you all in game soon!!!!