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  1. Hallo @Nexion und willkommen in der community! Wenn du auf der Suche nach einer deutschen Identity RP Community bist, schau gerne mal bei uns Vorbei: https://secondidentity.net/ Danke @EmmaSolstice für das erwähnen unserer Community Viel Spaß weiterhin hier im Forum! Vielleicht sieht man sich später in Game Gruß Woritmor
  2. Hi from Germany - You will fear me!

    Hey @Montaxx and welcome to the Identity community Enjoy your stay here und Grüße aus NRW Greetings
  3. Hey @The_Orgazoid. I just can agree to what @robertsseu said: get a better website As the project manager of an Identity community by myself, i know how important it is. I wish you the best of luck with your UK community in the future
  4. Hello to all international identity fans out there! Today we are very happy to finally release our Identity Developer Q&A. Motown, developer and community Manager of IdentityRPG was so nice to answer a total of 22 questions regarding Identity. All questions where asked by you guys. The Second Identity Team would like to thank Motown for taking his time and answering these questions. Have fun reading! English Q&A: https://secondidentity.net/wcf/index.php?article/22-english-identity-developer-q-a-with-motown/ German Q&A: In Translation...
  5. What happened to your website? Offline for over a week now.
  6. I've send all the questions to @Motown and i am waiting for the answers now. I know that Motown is not only the community manager of the Game and has several other things to do on the project (3D artist, streaming from Tuesday to Thursday the Gaming hour on twitch) so i told him he should take the time he need to answer this questions. As far as i have more information i will give them to you guys. This Q&A is real and not dead or something
  7. The Q&A is not available yet. We picked the questions yesterday and will now hand them over to the devs
  8. Thank you all for the questions No new questions will be accepted right now. We will now pick the best questions and ask them in the Q&A with Motown. I will post new infos when i have them regarding the release date of the Q&A.
  9. Thank you all for the questions so far You have only 2 more days to submit your questions. The last questions will be accepted until 15th of May 2017 at 10 PM CEST. So if you have any, post them
  10. Greetings from germany

    Hey @_ItsCriminal and welcome to the community. Nice to see that the german community here is growing. Enjoy your stay here. Greetings from NRW
  11. Thank you all for the questions so far. Please no questions regarding the release date of the modules, beta or final game. We ask you, however, to ask meaningful questions. Questions like "When will Town Square module be released?" are counterproductive, because they will not likely give answers to such important news in a Q&A with a fan community.
  12. We are pleased to inform you that our community has the exclusive opportunity to ask questions to the developers of Identity. Motown, the Community Manager and 3D Artist for Identity, has agreed to face the questions of the Second Identity Community. At first, this Q&A was for our Identity community called "Second Identity", a German speaking community for the game. But we felt that at this stage of development many people should have access to the information we will get through this Q&A. So we will also give you guys from around the world the opportunity to ask questions to the developers. The Q&A will be available in English and German afterwards. We need your help, of course! Mainly in form of your questions Do you have questions to the developers? Questions about specific features? Questions about the vehicles or anything else? You can send us the questions via a form we have created for you. How will it work? The deadline for submitting your questions is the 15th of May 2017 at 10 PM. We will choose the best questions and then ask them Motown. As soon as the questions are answered, we will publish the Q&A with Motown on our Website in German and English. We ask you, however, to ask meaningful questions. Questions like "When will Town Square module be released?" are counterproductive. We are glad that we have this opportunity and are looking forward to your questions! Please be aware that "Second Identity" is a German speaking Identity community. We created the form for submitting questions entirely for the international Identity Fans. Feel free to register on our website if you are German speaking, but don't register there if you are not German speaking or just want to insult our community. Thank you! Link to the English Article on our website (If you are on our website, you are reading this article right now): https://secondidentity.net/wcf/index.php?article/19-english-ask-the-devs-exclusive-q-a-with-the-identity-developers/ Link to the form where you can submit your questions: https://secondidentity.net/wcf/index.php?qa---submit-your-question/ If you have an questions to this, feel free to ask them here best wishes, Woritmor
  13. The Prodigal Son

    Hey @Arlmar and welcome back to the community. Well, i don't know you from earlier because i'm here since december 2016. But i want to say "Hi" and welcome back Greetz from germany
  14. Question.

    There will be no random generated traffic because there will be not much NPC's or AI in game (Exceptions: specific npc's in shop)
  15. All of the Screenshots in one place?

    Nice to hear that. Yes, these are all official released pictures from the developers itself. (No Screenshots out of videos or something, only official released Pictures)