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  1. Geography Game

  2. Holiday

    I was reading some Twitter questions asked to the developers today, and i found a message that said that holidays will be celebrated in game.
  3. Double characters, double careers, so you'll earn $$$. I can use it for crimes or something.
  4. 3 Modules until early 2017?

  5. 3 Modules until early 2017?

    It felt not really true, maybe that's why i forgot the source so fast. I don't know if anyone has this, but i can only visit the page of the Town Square not the other modules.
  6. 3 Modules until early 2017?

    I don't know if this is true, but i heard someone saying that's the overall game finished percentage.
  7. End Game of Identity?!

    But you can set a goal for yourself to feel some kind of progression and in real life i know people with a goal to get a sports car or something like that, there are people that have as their life goal to be nice to people.
  8. I recently saw something that said it is possible, As far as i know i found it on their Twitter.
  9. Beta Release

    Now the cops know who to arrest first
  10. End Game of Identity?!

    One of my friends loves fishing, so i would create a fishing company with him. And maybe a shop will be fun too.
  11. Death and respawn

    I agree with that, but i think the the owners of the server will have a hard time roleplaying as another person.
  12. End Game of Identity?!

    For me it's just being wealthy, living without problems like enough money, contacts in the game. When i've reached it i will keep expanding this achievement, by earning more money and socialiasing.
  13. Food n Stuff

    Would be fun, i dont remember from where, but i remember some message that said it will.
  14. System Rec?

    They said on Twitter: 'If you're able to play most recent games you'll be able to play Identity too.' With some very cheap hardware you can, i have 12gb DDR3 ram, I7 4790S and a R7 240 and that can play really any recent game on 720p low-medium on playable fps like 25-40 or sometimes even 60. Big chance you can play it, however, if you have a low end card like me, not the best graphical settings.