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  1. Cop SUVs and Dogs

    I think a better system would be Two-Three Officers in each Server can be K9 Units and then the Private Servers could make these slots white-listed and such.

    Yea they could just block the road with their cruisers and set up cones and such and look for the suspect Vehicle within the Perimeter
  3. How will it work?

    I have a question for anyone who knows the answer. How will becoming an Officer work? Do you just join the Police Force or will there be Servers like Arma where each different Community Manages their Police Force? And if on Official Servers and there is a test of sorts would people that get a higher score have access to more things? Thanks, Chance
  4. Who here has law enforcement "experience?"

    I have been an Officer on Several Arma 3 Life and Altis Life Servers. I have also been in some GTA IV LCPDFR Roleplay communities. I can't wait until Identity is released! I am also looking to pursue a career in Law Enforcement in the future once I get out of school. Haha