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  1. I bought the package that has Beta Access, founders hat, passport and the rusty car. then upgraded to the one that has $1,000 Game Cash, Beta Access, Founder Hat, Old Dirt Bike, One Car Garage, Passport and Studio Apartment I am just wondering are people already playing? Some of the pots sound like people are. If so, how do I play? If not, when will we be able to play? Also, I am a Twitch streamer, can I stream the game during Beta or no? If not, when may we stream? Sorry for the dumb questions, just super excited.
  2. Play Time?

    Thank-you very much for answering me . I am going to stream it immediately (when we can play) then so I can get the word out there for this game
  3. Creating a band

    I am female and can kinda sing, you needed a female lead singer?
  4. DreamAngelCore Here

    Hi all! New to the community and wondering when the beta will be playable for those who pledged founders and above. Looking forward to having some massive fun on the game and hoping optimization is going to be a thig fast as I am a streamer with a not so great computer that need as much optimization as possible. Anyway, can't wait for the game!!
  5. Anyone here thinking about rp a serial killer?

    All I can say to this thread is: EEEEEEP