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  1. what guns would you people like to see in ?

    Yeah, I used Blender but professional programs like Maya are hell'a expensive
  2. what guns would you people like to see in ?

    I would love to see a sporterized WW2 rifle for hunting like this one i made.
  3. Bullet Physics

    Sorry if this questions has already been asked but does anyone know if there will be bullet physics like bullet drop or possibly even wind affecting the bullet's trajectory?
  4. Trucking company

    If road trains were implemented I imagine that there would be laws prohibiting them from driving in the city as well as the fact that they would probably be too difficult to maneuver in a city. It would be cheaper as well (I imagine) to have a road train rather than 3 separate trucks so if there was a player driven mining business for example it would be more efficient to have the workers load the one truck.
  5. Cruse Control

    If identity is going to have enforced speed limits i would like to see an option to have cruse control as i'm not willing to use a controller just for driving. For example you can toggle cruse control on and off and it works on you current speed before you activate cruse control. Thanks
  6. Hello everyone, Will there be anything in the game, except emergency services, that will encourage RP? I loved Arma 3 life but I suck at RP and was hoping that there would be something like cults or something else that encourages RP. Just an idea. Thanks, bigbangben